Global Wholesale Vacation Corp. seeks expansion funds

by Carlos Ebbins

We have built and paid for our Online Wholesale Vacation Platform and we seek expansion capital to take us to the next level.

*We are licensed, insured and bonded
*We provide 500,000 wholesale vacation weeks to over 6000 resorts globally
*We provide wholesale Cruises, Air fare and Car rentals
*Our lifetime of yearly vacation packages range from $6000-$10,000 per family or business
*Please peruse our website for a more detailed breakdown of our services
*We can provide our business plan to the direct lender

Our business is destined to become a million+ a year business.

We are looking for an expansion loan of $50,000-$100,000. This loan will provide us with the ability to capture the local market as well as provide online presentations globally.

CEO: Carlos Ebbins

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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