Ghana's biggest online Mall

by Rodger Adjadi
(Accra, GA, Ghana)

We seek funding for Rmart Ghana Limited. The name behind is an online mall providing consumers the convenience of shopping
online from their favourite shops and having the products delivered to them at their door
steps. We bring to vendors the remarkable opportunity to expand their business by
offering products and services globally with no physical and geographical restrictions;
and by having all crucial processes such as billing, payment processing, order tracking
and delivery fully automated.
The website provides a portal for Ghanaian businesses looking for cheap and
convenient e-commerce solution. Retailers and shop owners can take their businesses
online without the hassle and cost of developing and hosting their websites. Rmart
Ghana essentially leases space to these vendors, who use the virtual mall as an outlet
for their online sales.
The website is developed on a sophisticated platform that allows the registration of
multiple vendors (shops) and automation of all the essential features in online
transactions from Inventory control, cart management, billing, payment processing and
shipping rates calculations. Product and inventory information that feed into the virtual
mall is aggregated via data uploads, either by the vendors themselves or by an in house
product upload team.
The online mall has many advantages to the shopper: It reduces shopping time for
shoppers, allow shoppers to shop 24/7, online search tools to help locate items quickly
and consumers may be able to buy at lower prices. Time and money that would
otherwise be spent on physically shopping of goods by customers will be saved.
We will allow vendors to create their individual store front by subscribing for the service.
Vendor account will be activated as soon as the subscription is verified. Vendors will
then be able to upload their product inventory into their individual databases. These
products upon uploading will then appear live on Vendors will be
able to control their inventory from their own administrator back end. However, vendors
who have no IT knowledge but would still like to sell on Rmart will benefit from the
service of our in-house upload team.
Customers would also have to create an account for free to be able to shop on Rmart.
Customers will be able to buy from one vendor or multiple vendors in a single order.
When an order is made, the vendor will be notified by email and SMS; and would have
to ship/deliver the item to the customer. Payments could be made online or offline.
Payments that are made online are processed through the payment processors that we
have in place. Rmart Ghana will charge a small commission for its services to
In ensuring customer protection, all payments by customers are held in escrow until the
delivery company confirms delivery of the product to the customer after which payment
is remitted to the vendor.

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