by Peeyush Shrivastava
(Mason, OH, USA)

Genetesis is seeking $1.2M from strategic investors.

To learn more, please check our website at, email us at to get in touch with an executive or watch this medical animation process of our work:

Genetesis LLC is a biotechnology and bioinformatics driven company oriented towards personalizing diagnosis and treatment of membrane excitability disorders through the use of novel algorithms which analyze, in real-time, the complete human electrophysiology. Using our proprietary, patent-pending system and methodology, Genetesis quantifies the entire human electrophysiology, and compares data to a massive clinical database of ion channel activities and their corresponding conditions. The company provides a simplistic and concise output of these quantifications to aid physicians in creating a holistic, personalized diagnosis.

Peeyush Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Genetesis is an Intel STS Semifinalist, GE STAR Awardee, and was recently named a Thiel Fellowship Finalist for his work with the cutting edge biotech startup, which represents a never before seen, yet highly desired and well received diagnostics platform and end to end solution. This is the next medical breakthrough - we know it as the creators, and the market knows it as per the explicit desires from our end users.

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