Funding is needed for commercial transport services business.

by Ambrose Otachi
(Nairobi, Kenya)

The fund of $450,000 is needed to buy buses and reserve some amount as working capital. Investors are offered 3% interest annually of the principal amount to investors.
The target market is part of the million people in the city going to work or to various places. Revenue will be generated from the tickets for the passenger buses.
The project is justified because it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the city and in the country. The business will progress as the population of the city is increasing. It is everlasting one as more buses would be bought as profit is coming in.
The fund is to buy 6 buses initially and increase the number as time goes on. Part of the fund will be reserved as working capital.
3% interest will be paid annually to the investors. Payback period will be 5 years
Competitive Advantage
Direct competitors are other bus transporters. There are no much indirect competitors
I will be better than them if I can secure funds to buy new buses which will be better than their old ones.
My advantage is very sustainable: My success can’t be repeated by competitors because they have no much knowledge as I have.
Rationale for the deal
My opportunity is that my service is a daily demand and would not drop away.
I will make much money out of the business as there would be no overcharges for the passengers.
There is indication and records that other market players are making much money from a similar opportunity.
My experience in the particular business area is that I have been dealing with people with this particular business for many years.
I am venturing into this business with the full awareness of the market gap and the demand for my service as it is needed on a daily basis because those available ones has never been sufficient to meet the market demand following the ever increasing population in Kenya in need of this services.
I intend to make money by easing the movement of people, goods and services at an affordable price.
My research have shown that companies who provide good customer services, staff welfare, good management / internal structure, good looking vehicle, early departure time, good looking terminals enjoy more patronage and are successful.
With my well over 15 years of experience in transport business and 5 years at a managerial position, I am bringing innovations to this company with greater expertise.
It is with this wealth of experience, integrity, passion, commitment to purpose and excellence that i bring to bear in this prospective transport company.
Use of financing
A start up fund is needed. I envisage only one round of finance.
Loan amount is $450,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars). Payback period is 5years.
I am looking for silent investor.
No equity investment deals please
We look forward to hearing from you regarding your application process and how we can proceed with loan application. Please forward proposal guidelines and any other requirements.
Thank you for your assistance and consideration of this request.


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