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Luca Michele Tittonel is the Founder Partner and President of Green-
Phoenix Investment Ltd (601 International House – 223 Regent St.

– London W1B 2QD – UK. The

company was established in December 2015, with the sole purpose

of funding and then developing the Green-Phoenix Project. At the

time of writing, 100% of the company’s shares are owned by the

President, who keeps the stock options to be released at other

technical partners listed below, accordingly with the chosen funding

strategy’s exigencies. Then, in April 2016 it was established the

local branch, Green-Phoenix Madagascar Sarl (Lot 1309 –

Plle13/21 Ambolomadinika – Tamatave 501 – MG), 80% owned

by Green-Phoenix Investment Ltd (UK).

Since year 2010, he’s the Eisenhardt-Trading Authorized Agent for

Italy (, acting as

intermediary for international trading of raw materials (mainly

vegetable oils and biofuels).

From September 2008 till April 2014 he was Founder Partner and director of Ager Investment Srl, based in

Ploiesti (Romania) and then moved to Sevastopol (Ex Ukraine, now Russia). The company was operating in the

field of industrial consulting about new projects development in the East Europe, project funding and real

estate development, in addition to intermediation consulting for international trading of raw materials.

In the years 2001-2012 he was also shareholder and chairman at Sunaico International Ltd (International

Commercial Centre – Casemates Squares – Gibraltar), a company established to supply skilled industrial

consulting about: new projects development (mainly in the East Europe and China area); project funding;

patents and trademarks management.

His studies ended in 1988 after attending the degree course in computer since at the University of Turin, and

in the first cut of his career he was deeply involved in the field of technical software development. At first as

an employee at Coord 3 Spa (Bruzolo di Susa – Turin – Italy) where he was the chief developer for

metrological software from 1990 to 1998. Then, by establishing the software house Metrostaff Srl (Corso

Susa n°242, 10098 Rivoli – Turin - Italy) together with other ex colleagues from Coord 3 Spa. From 1998 to

2004 they developed the “Smesh” application, oriented to the testing and correction of curve surfaces.

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Luca M. Tittonel was born in 1965 at Avigliana (Italy). He’s of Italian nationality and he lives in Condove

(Turin-Italy) but planning to permanently move to Southampton (UK) at the moment the executive phase of the

project will start.

Eisenhardt Trading was established in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1977. Focused to the international commerce,

they are a trading house with long lasting experience and a remarkable trajectory, exporting `excellence in

quality and quantity` with shipments done to the 5 continents, 7 Internationals Awards won and more than 40

Authorized Agents displaced world wide.

Eisenhard Trading has been exporting commodities to Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India,

Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam. They are mainly specialized in

cereals, sugar, edible oils, fertilizers, grains, iron, metals, steels, refuse derived fuels, scraps and recyclable


They have provided trading services to Mitsubishi Corp Heavy Metal Division, Iron Isikawashima Works,

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., ImpressitSIDECO, CibaGeigy, Fabel Engineering, Citibank NA, Banco

Patagonia, Deustsche Bank, Banco Santander Rio, Banco de Galicia , BBVA Banco Frances, Tornquist Bank,

Chamber of Commerce of Buenos Aires besides other international companies and institutions.

As regarding Eisenhardt Engineering (member of Eisenhardt Group - is a

multinational and experienced enterprise involved in the construction business. Eisenhardt Engineering has

given services to Mitsubishi Corp. and is also an authorized supplier of Citi Group and others bona fide

groups with more than 1,000 projects done.

Luca M. Tittonel is the Green-Phoenix Project’s leader. He will take the position of

General Manager at Green-Phoenix Investment Ltd.

His main tasks will be:

 Supervision and coordination of the activities assigned to the other members of the


 Handling relations with the Malagasy Government and the local strategic entities.

 Sales Department management, in cooperation with Eisenhardt Trading Argentina.

 Marketing strategies management, in order to constantly focus the attention on

future development about products improvement, new technical solutions, new

competitive products coming from the available feedstocks, alternative agriculture

possibilities (moringa, wild thistle...)

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601 International House - 223 Regent Street


(Registered in England with Company Number 09910750)


Lot 1309 Plle 13/21 Ambolomadinika


(Enregistré à Madagascar avec numéro d'entreprise 5002267945)


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