Funding for my project "Let's All Ride"

by Nhlanhla Trowel Mbutho
(South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Durban )


My name is Nhlanhla Trowel Mbutho am based in Durban, South Africa. I am a qualified electrician but currently not employed but deployed myself to serve my community.

I write to ask for the funding of my project which is a club that will change my nation economically and socially. My project is about introducing motorbikes and scooters as an easier way to move around from point A to point B and helping this country in this time of crises in our economy. Target market is the poor which are black community and location and rural areas individuals who are not privileged enough to be exposed to the impact of this transportation and not living behind the middle class who are being affected by this economic dilemma that South Africa is currently facing, as some of them has even started using public buses and taxis for the sake of avoiding to pay much on fuel.
The project name is called "Let's All Ride", meaning everyone now can have and afford to ride easier and afford fuel since bikes are lite on fuel and efficient. The club name is called "318 Riders Club", the whole function of the club under the project is to train and prepare non-riders to know to ride and be able to receive pass rate in getting riding bike's licence. Then be able to assist also in making the public aware of this project that has come to make living much easier through easy transportation, on achieving our goal we will use all public community radio stations and on-going shows along with training around the country.

This project will be a success because of the market research made and because of the timing that is going to be introduced on, most of all the target market is ready for such changes since they aren't winning in the current economy because of their poor condition and forced lifestyle of being underprivileged.

Name: Nhlanhla Trowel Mbutho
Country: South Africa
City: Durban
Mobile Number: +2778 354 7827
Email Address:
Company Name: Buhlakani Bomkhethwa (pty) Ltd Translated "Wisdom of the Chosen"


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