FUND A lifestyle philosophy to embrace and boost the mental and physical health for EVERYONE!

by Jonathan
(Los Angeles, CA. USA)

Pastiche - using art to make art

Pastiche - using art to make art

A Who and A Where?

I, Jonathan, started 310HIGHROAD in Los Angeles, CA as a way to increase the overall employee health and lifestyle while providing consumers with the most direct and personal furniture shopping experience he could think of. Subconsciously for the past 5+ years, I have been brainstorming in a way that will change the work force and ecommerce experience for the better. My background in customer service and operational functions at previous places of employment have helped develop 310HIGHROAD into what it is today.

The 310HIGHROAD campaign was started out of a necessity to improve overall mental and physical health in creating new things, while doing what I do best - giving back and helping others. I am developing a way for employees to be more productive with less of the stress factors of life, while improving the customer service and ecommerce buying experience for furniture and home goods or accessories. The campaign is so near and dear to my heart, I named the company after the address of the home I grew up in. There's something about that brick home back in the suburbs of Chicago that was always so inviting, relaxing, loving, and comforting that I am able to close my eyes and pretend I am sitting in the living room with the summer breeze blowing through the house, the birds outside are chirping at the squirrels on the bird feeder, the dogs are barking at who knows what, cows across the street are mooing, and mom is in the kitchen preparing the pot roast for dinner.

I'm sure some of you reading this are instantly taken back to that home with me. Can you smell the flowers and feel the breeze as it blows through the house? Do you hear the birds? Do you look outside the window and smile from the sunshine hitting your face? That's what home is and I want to share that with everyone. How we're raised, where we're raised, and how comfortable you feel inside your home are extremely important to your overall health. I will replicate that exact idea through 310HIGHROAD on both ends - one for the consumer in their shopping experience and purchases and the other for the employee in their workplace atmosphere. As a contributor, you will help make this dream a reality.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle. Here's the "deets"

Listen, I'll be honest. I can't do this alone and quite frankly, I don't want to. I like be surrounded by people who are looking out for the good and success in others.

Currently, my goal of $125,000 will be directly related to building the brand and all it encompasses.
~$10,000 will go directly to strategically building out the website and phone apps for a streamlined eCommerce buying experience. I want to be as detailed as possible for consumers - think of it as a personal shopping experience for your home. Need design help? Call, text, email, smoke signal us - I want to be there to help!
~$35,000 is going to secure one hell of a building and office environment. Each office inside the building will be dedicated to a room in a home (whoever gets the bathroom as their office, I will make sure it is only a showroom and NOT in working order). Working with our furniture and home goods suppliers, I would love the skilled and hand-picked team to receive a quarterly budget to make their office as inviting as possible. Imagine now you're in your living room at home, but thinking of the company atmosphere - what would you like to see? Grab a vendor catalog and place an order - make 310HIGHROAD like your home.
~$10,000 will be used to concept a 310HIGHROAD collection of furniture and home goods line, but will also be used to secure immediate furniture sales for the eCommerce buying experience.
~$10,000 has to go towards supplies, marketing, and normal office admin expenses.
~$60,000 will make the future a success as we build the brand and secure employment. Think of it as a secure piggy bank for the company to be financially responsible and consistent.

In case we don't reach our exact goal, the funds will be evenly distributed on a percentage basis across the board. The funding topics above are the heart and soul of the company and deserve attention.

Perk Me Up!

Who doesn't love a perk? I know I do. Look what's in store for you:

A personalized Thank You postcard from Jonathan
Helping Mother Earth breathe life with freshly planted flowers or trees at the new office
Stainless steel reusable water bottles
Sturdy reusable tote bags
Large proud backer stamps the company will use on outgoing packages in your name
Hand-picked box of your interests in furniture and/or home goods
A room inside our "home" office named after you
Free ground shipping up to 6 months
A piece of furniture or home good named after you and the first one off the production line!
To be a part of history and 310HIGHROAD forever

Hurdles We Face:

To keep with being honest - there's a lot at stake. I am deeply appreciative of everyone who contributes and everyone who believes in me, but it will be my sole responsibility to keep the company running and employees happy. Spending time running through the "what if" questions in my head is enough to drive me crazy, but then I stop and think the "what if" turns into What if we are so successful as a brand and lifestyle, all employees receive more time off or are guaranteed a bonus? That's what make me happy.

Writing everything down, planning for the future, accounting for growth, looking at all possible obstacles - this will help make a strong foundation for what the company stands for and plans to execute.

Contribution for 310HIGHROAD is not solely monetary.
Although a monetary contribution helps - spreading the word about 310HIGHROAD is the greatest compliment I could think of. From the bottom of my heart - I will not give up on you and thank you in advance for even taking the time to read the campaign.

Remember to like and follow the campaign, share it with your friends on Facebook, Tweet about us, Instagram connect with us @310HIGHROAD, attach the link on your blog, and tell your family about the good deeds we are trying to put into action.


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