Fund a investment Bank in India with good potential

by Balasubramaniam
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

I, K.Balasubramaniam, am a , M.B.A (USA) managing my propitiatory investment banking operations in Chennai, one of India's largest cities. I have been at it for almost ten years now. I have worked in International organisations such as Anz Bank and ICRA limited ( A moody's Asscociate).

I raise capital for companies (both equity and debt) , get companies rated and advise them on improving ratings. I also undertake mergers and acquisitions. the name of my outfit is Aagam Advisory Partners. I over time has similar operations ( names continue to exist) under earnest Partner and Agam Advisor . I have also undertaken several assignments under my name.

Over the last ten years I have handled more than 100 assignments independently. I analyse balance sheets, industry information and have management meetings to assist in my operations.

I have associates in Several indian cities as well as in Dubai and USA.

there are numerous sectors we are involved in including Construction, Reality, Manufacturing (Automotive), consumer goods, hotels etc.

This is a diversified investment banking operations but is largely fee and commission based and hence prone to volatility.

I seek funding to sustain my business. Preferable equity. This would be toward My salary, Rental for offices, travel, Marketing expenses etc. I estimate this would be to the extent of USD 10 million.

there is enormous scope for small and fast footed investment banks in India and elsewhere in Asia and . We can really give a brand building based valuation in three- four years and can sustain high profitability with constant marketing and customer relationship building

my contact are, , 008144366957, 04443546338

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