FSBBO.. The Sell Your Own Business System For 29 Million Business Owners in USA

by William Cleary
(philadelphia PA USA)

Hello, and many thanks for your time today. I would like to share with you an opportunity called United Business Owners, A simple, easy to use, sell your own business system, for use by all business owners (FSBBO). The system consists of all the tools and services required by a business owner to successfully sell their own business. The system includes 18 different products and services ranging from business valuations, to buyer information packages, to creating all media, to placement of all campaigns, to prospective buyer management and on to all documents and assistance necessary to bring the sale to a closing.

But rather than generalizing, let’s start with the facts…..

Fact # 1. There are almost 30 million businesses in the USA.

Fact # 2. Of that number, almost 3 million businesses are sold or transferred each and every year.

Fact # 3. Of all the businesses sold every year, 2% or 60 thousand businesses first year forecast will use the UBO system,

Fact # 4. Of all the businesses for sale by owners, about 20% or 12 thousand business owners will for various reasons change their minds and go on to use our National Broker of Record discount service.

For those interested investors, we can make available our “Confidential Information Memorandum” disclosing the why, where, when and how this system works.

If any of this interests you, please refer to our information on this site.

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