Looking for Free Sample Business Plans? Write your Own, it's essential to succeed!

Looking for a free sample Business Plan? Thinking about starting a business? Expanding? Introducing new product lines or new projects?... Find clarity for yourself: write your own business plan.

A business plan is like having a compass, it helps you navigate not only a 'busy' world, but it brings you focus, power of intent, and clarity.

We don't recommend to work with sample business plans. Why? The main reason you do a business plan is to explain what is uniquely 'your business'. You want to be noticed. Don't imitate.

A much better way to get started is with a good free sample business plan template. I'm providing a link to Growthink, the company that has generated over $2,5 Billion worth of funding for itself and its customers. The saying is:"The proof is in the cake". We have partnered with Dave Lavinsky, who is the ultimate business funding insider.



Go all the way with the Ultimate Business Plan Template, do it in 8 hrs or less! Watch this 20 minute presentation for the ultimate solution!


You need to get started with your own business plan. Getting started in a structured way is extremely important. First of all since you set yourself some goals. But even more so, it will become more real for you. It will put all of your ideas and plans in perspective. Your structuring will make flaws visible. It brings your attention to other aspects that you have not thought about. It will make your 'big idea' open to discussion with others: partners, spouses and everyone directly involved in your new venture.


Do some brainstorming. Organize your ideas and 'see' them written down. It will 'kickstart' your thought processes too. Looking at a blank piece of paper is not conducive to success. Jotting down everything you know about a certain topic, whether it's numbers or ideas, is a great way to get started. Write down your 'bullets', then start expanding on them, then start organizing everything. Then, and only then, it's time for a business plan. The structure a free sample business plan brings, will get you streamlined for action.



Go all the way with the Ultimate Business Plan Template, do it in 8 hrs or less! Watch this 20 minute presentation for the ultimate solution!

Self Analysis

As you can tell, the bank or the investor are not the first one to see your business plan, you are. Do it for yourself. Going through all of the different sections will challenge you with all of the key issues that you will have to deal with. What are your numbers in your basic transaction of one sale? How comfortable is your profit margin? What about the expenses? Who can benefit from this product or service, and how will you reach those potential clients? How are you different from your competitors?

Then as you start seeing it in a more realistic way, other questions will come up. Will you need a budget for marketing, what will be the best way to market? How much of your market do you think you might be able to capture? And why? Do you even want to market your 'big idea'? Or do you want to sell it to others who are better at marketing? Do you need a partner, do you need funding?



Go all the way with the Ultimate Business Plan Template, do it in 8 hrs or less! Watch this 20 minute presentation for the ultimate solution!

The Secret to successful business funding!

Play with the numbers, get started, not only with the business plan, but also with the business. You need some real world experience and responses to what you have. In a very short time you'll find some shortcomings and some strong points. You'll better be able to do that SWOT analysis once you have some testing done. Is your service one out of many similar ones? How can you jump out and be noticed? All of these questions will arise from simply writing your business plan. It's the analysis of your own company, before you even start it.

Then move forward again, get into it, get going. After having a certain amount of practice and experience, that business plan will evolve. Go back to the numbers regularly. Don't wait for an investor or the bank to jump in and give you money upfront. Don't bet the house on something you have no experience with. Get started.

This is one of the first secrets of business funding success. The people who get the funding money are not the ones who write the best business plans. No, the ones who act and move ahead will get it first. Investors want to see what you have accomplished. They want to see cash flow, orders, contracts. They need to know the impact of your ideas in the real world.

Do it!

For you, the easiest and simplest way to start is with a good business plan. If you have never done one, get a free sample business plan template, then write your own business plan. It probably will take more than that. You'll have to refine the numbers, work with some good formulas and interactive software, but start with this first step. This will get you going.

See what others have done and how they got started: get your free sample business plan now, then figure out what your next step needs to be.


If you think that you need some help writing your business plan or business funding documents, take a look at Growthink's 'Ultimate Business Plan Template'. Dave's claim is that you can do it with this tool in less than 8 hours!



Go all the way with the Ultimate Business Plan Template, do it in 8 hrs or less! Watch this 20 minute presentation for the ultimate solution!

Need a Business Plan review?

Don't take any chances: once you talk to an investor, you only have one shot. Make sure that your business plan is created according to what they are looking for. Better even, create it in an irresistible way, get them hooked. And if you don't see your current business plan get the results that you were looking for, you might want to consider a professional Business Plan Review that puts the team at Growthink at your service (includes a 60 minute phone conversation with a Senior Business Plan consultant).

A free sample business plan template will get you started. Success starts with taking the first step.

In our ongoing effort to create the best information to make better presentations to investors we have partnered with Growthink/Dave Lavinsky.

In our articles and pages on this site we recommend Dave's products because they lead straight to solutions. Having helped their clients raise over $2.5 Billion in funding, Growthink is the best source to help get funding, whether you want to work with Angel Investors, VC companies , Crowdfunding, Grants, or to get a loan from the Bank or a Funding Source.

Take some time to check Growthinks's presentations. They are professional, direct, and effective in transferring the message. Just like your presentation needs to be to investors.

Pricing is extremely affordable, and some of the products are free of charge. Some come with very valuable bonuses. If you want to succeed in business, don't re-invent the wheel. Take it from an insider.

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