Free Internet Service thru Wifi in Tourist Areas

by Adrianos Moros
(Zürich, Switzerland)

Initial Situation/Base of Operation:
More and more people use the internet. The mobile use via Smartphones, Tablets etc. increases at a disproportional rate. By now the utilization of Search engines, Social Media, Platforms, News Portals and Informational Websites has become a solid routine in the everyday life of a large part of the population. The wireless cellular connection is often cumbersome and slow. For that reason more and more Wi-Fi Hotspots emerge that allow guests to use the internet in its proper speed within a certain radius. However, these Hotspots are only to be found at few locations (e.g. train stations, airports, hotels etc.). Outside of these Hotspots mobile surfing at normal speed is impossible. Moreover, it is costly for a foreign vacationist to make use of the wireless internet over the cellular network. Locals also pay fees between 20 and 40 Swiss Francs a months to be able to use the internet at home. With a comprehensive, free of charge Wi-Fi Network I intend to take the edge off this situation in tourist areas.

Business Concept/Idea:
I aim to make the internet available to all the citizens and guests in tourist areas completely free of charge. In doing so an agreement is made with government to plant numerous Wi-Fi antennas which will guarantee a comprehensive network. Everyone with a web-enabled device (PCs, laptops, Smartphones, Tablets) can register themselves for free on a Start-page (using their mobile number) to subsequently use the internet completely free of charge as desired. For vacationers or guests it means that the search for regional Wi-Fi Hotspots is no longer required, they no longer have to put up with the slow connection of the cellular network and the cost for respective internet-usage. Locals have the opportunity to cancel expensive monthly internet contracts and save respectively.

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