Free business plan template
By Marc Kneepkens

A free Business Plan Template may just be what you need to 'kick-start' yourself into creating your own business plan.

No matter what you think about business plans, if you want funding, you will need one. Somehow you will need to explain how much money you need, and what for.

Here at Business-Funding-Insider we have seen thousands of business plans. Only a very small percentage of business plans made it through the first round. Why is that?

Very simple: most entrepreneurs have no clue what an investor wants to know about them.

Will a free business plan template be sufficient? Maybe, maybe not, but it will get you structured and focused. Next you can decide if you want to go one step further and really commit to your business.

A good business plan will help the investor figure out what you and your business are all about. I have no idea how much time I have spent and wasted on business plans that look really great, but in some cases I could just not figure out what their business was all about. Some business plans didn't even mention how much money was needed. Now that might be a good thing in a first contact, but not in a business plan that is intended to raise funding.

Most business plan end up in the paper shredder, or get the 'delete' treatment. Why?

I hope that you have read some of our articles on this site:
Did you know that more than 50% of business plans don't even get read? The reasons can be laughable or silly, but it won't get you any money. And you now what? Once you've had your chance, you won't get a second one. Check out our article "16 reasons why your investment proposal won’t get read!"

This one helps you see the important points: "10 tips for scoring 'big' with your business plan".

Go ahead an get that freebie. The one major step that keeps companies from succeeding is failing to get properly funded. The biggest step that keeps companies from getting funded is, guess what, not creating a business plan in the first place, and if they do, not creating a good one.

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