FOREVER YOURS - a short film- Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

by Craig Daniel Adams & Bruno Collins

Can you help two young filmmakers, Craig Daniel Adams and Bruno Collins, fund FOREVER YOURS, the final short in their trilogy?

Below is the link to their Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.

Earlier this year the boys self funded and filmed two shorts KIT and the GENTS, but they are looking for help to fund the concluding film; their most ambitious project to date.

The script for FOREVER YOURS was well received this year by the international BlueCat screenplay competition, quoting:

An engaging, probing, brutal short film script.

You have constructed an emotional, cathartic, coming of age short film script and do a beautiful job illustrating this sad story or someone just trying to move on and be less vulnerable. It’s extremely touching and you appropriately mine it for its emotional depth. You do it justice.

The boys aim is to create a series of short films to illustrate their look and tone as filmmakers, and have high hopes for FOREVER YOURS in the 2014/15 festival circuit.

Their aim is to tell stories that whilst having LGBT characters in the leading roles; those characters are not defined by their sexualities. They tell stories about individuals, their relationships, families and love, that they believe are thematically universal and accessible to all, with no socio/political agenda.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

We hope you are able to join us in the journey of bringing FOREVER YOURS from script to screen.

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