FOR SALE: SOLAR LEAD GENERATION PLATFORM with existing pipeline, $1.3M.


We built out a Commercial Solar platform over the last 2 years and are looking to exit the Industry. We have a team of 400 Lead Generators, 5 Commercial Developers, 3 Financiers, a National EPC bidding Platform and 150mw of C&I active leads in the pipeline, which represents around $250Million in potential contract value.

We have also developed a "process" in which Developers can use software and legal documents to more easily work on multiple projects.

Our skills are in training and we are willing to help transition all training docs, videos, and let you use our team to continue with you.

We are looking to be Acquired and roll in all these attributes into a company that is interested in this space as an arm of their existing company.

An ideal company would acquire us, own 100% of Gen Com, get all docs, software, legal, training systems, and have us there for 3 months to transfer training and show you how to optimize going forward, restructure anything that you would like to fit your system, and use the existing Leads that we have. There could also be 3-5 of us available to you to consult for a year and help the New Co become a Leader in the C&I space.

Please contact us through this website, mention "GenCom Solar software platform". Use the 'Contact Us' page.

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