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by Robert Friedrich

Short Summary

Hi and welcome, I am Robert Friedrich, an Indie Sci-fi/Horror Book Author. I have been writing and self-publishing my work for almost a year now. The market is hard, very hard to break through, especially when trying to be original and different. My latest book Enlightened by Darkness Vol.4 Foretold Salvation (A short story collection) has been in a Hiatus for some time now, mainly because it took more time to release a few previous books than I thought. This campaign basically is there to help put this project back on its feet and to show the world a new, fresh and different art of book writing.

What We Need & What You Get

Now the funding affects all of the aspects, the writing process, the professional editing, and finally marketing of the product to a world wide audience. Every little fund towards the goal helps to get this project out and everyone who contributes to this project funding will not only be acknowledged in the final version of the book, but will receive a complimentary copy of the finished product (Enlightened by Darkness - Vol.4 Foretold Salvation) as well as two other books that I wrote and published previously of their choosing.

You have the power to move this project, and your help will be recognized.

Now, the more funding this project receives, the faster it will be possible to publish. A general release time would be the summer of 2014.

The Impact

With this campaign, you not only help to release a book, you help a dream. You help to keep the dream not only alive, but to become bigger and stronger. You help keep the genre alive, the ideas fresh and the process kicking. You support and Author and his way of expressing himself to the world.

Other Ways You Can Help

Any help from you is appreciated: funding, sharing, viewing, talking about it. Using the tools Indiegogo provides, looking up and reading previously published books. Spreading the word about the author, his work and/or this endeavor.

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