fish farm

by Rimantas Plycius
(Kaunas, Lithuania)

The European Union has promoted the development of the fisheries sector. JSC EURO-BUS has found a bank that is willing to provide a loan "Greening the fisheries goods growing industrial complex" project installation of closed recirculation fish farming systems (URS) and mediate with the support.
URS - is a modern complex machines, in which the water circulates in a closed circuit, while maintaining the desired level of its main characteristics (right amount of oxygen, temperature, a small amount of organic impurities, etc.). One cubic meter of container can be harvested during the half-year to half a ton of fish.
45 percent. Project activities will be financed from the EU, the rest from a bank loan, but JSC EURO-BUS has to have 10 per cent. their funds.
JSC EURO-BUS makes a request to get 10 percent. loan.

1 Table. Basic information about the applicant
Name of Entity JSC EURO-BUS (133585797)

Applicant Details
Address: Europos pr. 73,
Kaunas, LT- 46333
Tel. Nr.: +37067735220
Mob. Nr.:+37063341590
Person responsible for project Rimantas Plycius

The project is implemented in the city of Kaunas, Aleksotas district, 11 000 m2 of premises by the company is planning to buy.
JSC EURO-BUS fisheries complex annual grown sturgeon, catfish and eels, 1000-1200 Total tons of fish.
Realization planned in Germany and Austria and other EU countries.


Purchase of Building €10 350 000
Reconstruction €6 900 000
Operating costs* €17 250 000
Installations €27 600 000
Installation of processing plant €6 722 325
Total: €68 822 325
*The operating costs include: materials, insurance, permits, fees, etc..

Financial needs total: €68,822,325.00
Profit (loss) before incomefrom 2013-2018 years, €

Profit before tax from 2014 to 2015 increases. 2016-1017 year will be slightly less than the planned 100 tons of sturgeon females moratorium and rising raw material costs. In 2018. profit will increase by 3.5 times, as planned to sell 900 tons of sturgeon, their products and by-products (fillets, fresh sturgeon, skin, bones, fins). Since 2018. and in all subsequent years, the sturgeon will be sold in approximately 900 tons, so profits will remain as in 2018, but given the fact that the market price will increase profit increase.

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