First biocoal from straw production plant in Ukraine (torrefied biomass).

by Dave Young
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

We have developed our own torrefaction technology which converts straw (agricultural residues) into biocoal (torrefied biomass).

Biocoal can be used for electricity production, heat production or co-firing with traditional coal.

Biocoal has the following advantages :-

25% more energy per tonne than traditional pellets
Can be stored outside like coal
1/4 of the energy required to process by grinding for power companies

We have agreements with agrocultural holding companies in Ukraine that can allow us to build a capacity of 1/2 million tonnes of biocoal production in Ukraine for export to European biomass markets and for internal consumption in Ukraine to replace Russian gas.

We have our proof of concept plant running and are now seeking 1/2 million Euros to build our first commercial plant in Ukraine to export to Poland.

Return on investment in excess of 500% .

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