How to find Angel Investors,
 and what you need to know about them.

The big question: How to find Angel Investors

First, let's find out what you need to know about them. Angel Investors are good for nearly $20 billion of investments into 50-60,000 companies, every year in the United States alone. Roughly 260,000 angel investors help entrepreneurs get funded. That has a huge impact on the economy. But even more important, it gives you an idea of how many of them are out there looking for good opportunities to put their money to work. They're not in the US alone, they're everywhere. Does that sound intriguing?

Most angel investors are 'accredited investors' , meaning wealthy individuals who have a net worth of more than $1million, or who have a yearly income of over $200,000. Although the average angel investment is around $3-400,000, investments can be as low as a few thousand dollars.

Let's look at it this way: there is a lot of 'risk capital' available. How do you qualify to get your share of this type of funding, what is it you need to do to find angel investors? Doesn't this make you feel better though? Once you have a good business project,  just learn how to present it well. Better even, learn how to present it in a way that becomes irresistible. There are very exact ways to increase your chances of getting noticed and saying the right things the right way.

Now let's look at this through the eyes of the angel investor, they don't care about statistics, most of them don't even know that they are 'angel investors'. What are they looking for? They want investments that can beat the stock market, that gives them excellent returns, and that can produce these returns for a long time coming, or, that offer an excellent and highly profitable exit strategy (meaning, they get their money back with a high profit attached to it).

Obviously, you're not dealing with a bank or a venture capital company. You're dealing with people, and these people are investing their OWN money, not the company's funds. Dealing with people has its advantages: these people know something about money, they probably earned a lot of it themselves, and now they're looking for a way to keep that money growing.

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Here are some of the main points to remember to find angel investors, and get funded:

    ✓    Eliminate risk, this is the main factor that will have an angel investor decide whether they will put money in your venture
    ✓    The other priority is to have a business proposal that is attractive enough for them to look at what you have
    ✓    And since the risk is so high, angel investors need an excellent return to even out all the deals that go down before becoming profitable, and to beat the returns that they can get from bonds and stock markets.

Once you find angel investors you 'll receive very specific benefits:

    •    You know a whole lot more about your product or service than they do, but you can probably learn quite a bit from their experience and business know-how and use that to your advantage
    •    Create a relationship with them - they are human beings, not big corporations with set-in-stone rules and regulations - you will learn that they have respect for entrepreneurs, they love the spirit of creating success, they will help you, but they will also watch you, and take care of their money
    •    They come with valuable skills, experience and connections


Back to the main question: How do you find angel investors, and how do you connect with them? How do you approach them? How do you say and do the right things to keep their attention going? How do you close the deal?

At this point I want to introduce you to my friend and partner Dave Lavinsky (check our Insider's page). Dave is the one person who, in my opinion, knows more about raising funds than anyone else, that's why we hooked up with him. We aim to find the best information possible. How do we know it is the best information? Look at the results: Dave has raised $2,5 Billion of funding in his career for himself and his clients. He knows the world of venture capital and angel investors as nobody else. He knows the exact difference between the two. Find out what the real difference is,  and listen to his presentation.

Dave has learned over the years how to approach and find angel investors. He knows exactly what they are looking for. He knows how to write a business plan, and when to send it. He knows what to say, but also how to say it, and, even more important, what not to say.

In this short article I can not tell you everything about what Dave knows and teaches. My best advice is to find out for yourself. Here are a few options: first of all, my best recommendation would be to check out Dave's 'Angel Investor Funding Formula'. It's his 6-step formula that he developed over the years while wheeling and dealing with investors. Trial and error, but mostly success: what's the proof? $2,5 billion worth of funding, that's a lot of money, that's two thousand five hundred million dollars.

Now what is the big difference between Dave Lavinsky and other people who know how to do business? Well, Dave knows and teaches how to create value. And by doing that, he always gives value at every step of the way. Even when he tries to sell you something, he will give you something of value first, and I mean, real value. Even if you don't take him up on his proposal right in that moment, he gives you something of great value that will help you in the right direction. Why? Because he teaches you a skill. He gives you an insight, and understanding. And by giving something first, he builds his business. Once you have received something of value, you know what to expect.

How can he help you to find angel investors?

My best recommendation is this. If you are looking for funding from angel investors, listen to Dave's presentation. It is worthwhile  15 minutes of your time. You will learn a lot about finding angel investor funding. But even more important, this is my suggestion: if you are really serious about getting funded, spend the money on the 'Angel Investor Funding Formula'. The small amount of money is definitely worth it. Think about all the time you spend on your own trial and error. You are looking to find angel investors: you contact wealthy people and all kinds of investors. Most likely, you're trying to make some contacts on Linkedin and other social media. You don't even know if most of those contacts are for real. Then, once you start talking to someone, there are so many ways to not say the right thing, or to send a presentation that is not exactly the way they want it. There are so many times that you will be in doubt on what to say or do. Then suddenly, you don't get any more responses. Or a short notice "Sorry, but we don't think that we will pursue this any further". At that point, you have to start all over again. Or you may go a long ways and think that you're doing well. You will meet with investors, get ready to receive a check, do due diligence (and spend all the expenses for that), and at that point, you make a crucial mistake and the deal falls through. It will make you wonder: What went wrong? Did they take your idea? Did they go with another company? Where they ever serious?

How do you make sure that you take the direct  and surest way to find angel investors?

Don't spend all your time and efforts working on something that you have never done - 'getting funded' - without some clear guidelines. Go with a great teacher who will show you every step of the way. Spend a few minutes to hear this brief presentation to help you find angel investors. Decide for yourself if this is worth it. I promise you, it is. I have gone through all the materials myself, and I can tell you: there is nothing better out there. Actually, there is some very essential information included. Such as some of the very specific reasons why angel investors invest in certain types of companies. Or some of the legal considerations. How to find them, where to find them, how to talk to them like a pro, and how to stay in charge of the conversation. How to make them really trust you, share your information with more investors, etc.

Very important: Dave will teach you how to protect your ideas and intellectual property, without having to hire attorneys or expensive IP experts. This information alone is worth thousands of dollars.

And finally, he will teach you how to close the deal, how to get the investors to sign you a check or wire you the money that you need. He also offers all kinds of very valuable bonuses. I will write about some of that in future articles, but don't wait, take advantage of his step by step instructions to get the money that you need now. Don't wait and find out why so many business fail: lack of funding.

If you're serious on how to find angel investors, Go to the 'Angel Investor Funding Formula' presentation here. I can not find any information that is better and more useful than this to help you get funded.

One more thing: You can spend way too much time on creating a business plan, guessing, researching, wondering about the financial information. Dave offers a free business plan template that will get you in the right direction. You will find a way there to opt-in to Growthink's free emails. Do it, it's free information with great value.

Dave will even go a step further with the 'Ultimate Business Plan Template', that will help you create a great business plan in less than a day' and give you email support from the Growthink's team for 365 days. Check it out!

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