Financial Architect® “The Fastest Way to Legally Raise Capital – Guaranteed”

by Charles David Dreher
(Chicago, Illinois)

Commonwealth Capital Advisors

Commonwealth Capital Advisors

Commonwealth Capital Advisors Financial Architect - The Fastest Way to Legally Raise Capital - Guaranteed

Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) has provided traditional corporate finance advisory services to private and public companies since its inception in 1998. CCA is comprised of former Wall Street investment bankers, financiers, and other securities industry professionals.

CCA specializes in the process of capitalizing start-up and early-stage companies through a series of related securities offerings, in compliance with federal and state(s) securities laws, rules, and regulations. In its Corporate Finance Services division, CCA acts as a principle and partner with the Founders of its Client Companies to ensure they maintain financial and operational compliance to achieve optimal success. CCA also guides the deal structuring process, so that the Founders of its Client Companies do not give up too much of their equity ownership and voting control, too early or for too little. Furthermore, CCA acts as the lead negotiator for any and all broker-dealer syndication efforts on behalf of its Client Firms.

CCA has become “the advocate” for the entrepreneur, specializing in assisting start-up and early-stage companies raise seed, development, and expansion capital through the issuance of securities. CCA prepares growing companies for the broker-dealer engagement process.

CCA is also the originator of the Financial Architect System™. Financial Architect® is a patent-pending system designed to enable and empower entrepreneurs to complete the securities offering process in a fraction of the normal time and cost involved.

If you are looking to raise seed, development or expansion capital for start-up and early stage companies we can help. ($100,000 to $5 million dollars) As a first, we invite you to download an e-book written by our CEO entitled, "The secrets of Wall Street - Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies". We do this so entrepreneurs can make an informed decision if our capital raising process is right for their companies capital raising needs.

Commonwealth Capital Advisors is a approved funding source. Please apply by emailing or use our 'Contact Us' form. Please mention CCA in the subject line of the email or the first line of the message.

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