Farming Agro-Forestry Business Project

by Mark Layton
(Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize)

Ceiba River Limited;

Farming Agro-Forestry Business Project. A New Startup USA. Corporate Owner
Ceiba River Limited is a Belize Chapter 250 for profit cooperation
Ceiba River Limited is seeking funding of $27,324,739 USD, plus financing fees, the Budgeted Cost for this Project. Personal funds have been exhausted, on research, feasibility, PR.
Concept: -- Build and install a 100-ton a day edible oils mill and processing facility, along with the supporting oil palm plantation, to be included, a non-edible oils mill, processing, bio-fuels and esters, also fracturing and processing other non-edible oil seeds as well.
We’ll intercrop with cacao, oil palm, papaya, vanilla orchids, saffron, jatropha and row crop vegetables. The focus is to plant, grow and process organic or as near too organic as possible, and still be practical and profitable. Also we will nursery grow, starter tree, flower and vegetable seedlings for transplanting, this for company use and also for local and foreign markets.
This agri-business project will also include feeder calves and pigs to utilize excess vegetables, byproducts of cacao processing, oil mills and methane gas compression. The manure and pulp produced from these operations will help supply organic fertilizer ingredients.
In areas not suitable for other uses, we will plant Jatropha Curcas for esters and/or bio fuels. The land parcels considered for purchase at this time are 6,980 acres, 5,700 acres, 2,000 acres Toledo District, Belize, Central America, with a price range of $1,100 to $3,500 per acre. Ceiba River Limited is looking for long-term low interest financing, either a debt or equity loan, or joint venture. The average producing life of Oil Palm, Cacao and Jatropha trees, is around 30 years. If you have an interest in funding, financing, or participating in a project of this type, size and nature please contact Mark Layton of Ceiba River Limited.
More Information and Business Plan Available

Mark Layton

Please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

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