Factories for Processing of Raw Cassava into Maltose/glucose, Noodles, Starch, Flour, etc

by Emmanuel Udomisor
(Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.)

We are a team of expert from diverse fields of human endeavours such as agriculture, engineering, project management, public administration, business management, environmental management, etc under the name GLORY ARENA EXCELLENT MEN MPCS LTD taking advantage of the Nigerian government liberal policy on agriculture to go into the processing of food and cash crops into finished food for homes and raw materials for industries.
We have concluded research and feasibility studies on the processing of cassava that is in abundance here into maltose/glucose, garri, noodles, flour, starch, biscuits/cookies, animal feeds, organic fertilizers, ethanol, etc for sale locally and internationally.
The result proofs the project to be very viable, profitable and desirable with a ROI right from the first year. Details shall be sent to you on demand.
Contacts have been made and all arrangements put in place to bring in plants and machinery along with technical personnel to commence operation. Markets for the disposal of all products to be produced have been identified.
The Akwa Ibom State government have also reach out to us for collaboration in the area of land allocation and security for the project.
We are in need of funds to pay for the equipment through grants, loan or equity to enable us commence production. The initial requirement for the first phase of this project is estimated at $2.5M.
We are open to discussions, negotiations and adjustment to accommodate all interests that will team up with us to realize this dream.
The project is to be sited in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

Contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Thank you.

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