Exploding Consumer Product Spirits Company, seeking Senior Debt, $850k

by Bob
(Los Angeles, CA USA)

Senior Debt required. First position, fully secured $850k
If you are a lender and like exploding consumer product companies, we should connect. We are replacing our original lender with a new senior loan. We have never missed a payment, it's just time to make a change. Terms are most attractive and there is an equity kicker. Check out our web site www.goodtimebeverages.com and if you are interested, please connect with me at bob@goodtimebeverages.com Thanks. Bob

Based in Southern California, Good Time Beverages® (GTB) is a leading manufacturer of one drink (200ml) spirit based mixed adult ready to drink products, packed in our designed PATENTED flexible pouches for the adult beverage/cocktail market. The Company operates out of its Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) as licensed by the TTB and ships products across the USA.
Our Products
The Company produces pre made ready to drink cocktails (RTDs) made with real spirits, not wine or malt like all of the Company’s competitors under the brand Bob & Stacy’s® packed in FlexPouches™ the latest innovation of stand-up custom flex packaging that deliver a strong iconic shelf brand identity targeted to appeal to the active lifestyle, event attending, adult beverage consumer who buys our products at retail or at events coast to coast. The three driving points of the Company are:
1. TASTE - The MOST important asset of Good Time Beverages, producing the best tasting pre made ready to drink adult cocktails on the market. Not made with malt or wine, just premium spirits. No exceptions.
2. Cocktails to Go® - convenience of the on the FlexPouch™. Take anywhere, anytime, no fuss and no mess, with the Good Time Beverages patent flexible pouch. Suggested retail $2.99 per pouch or $10.98 for a box of four.
3. Environment - All Good Time Beverages pouches take up 95% less land fill space, are made from 65% recycled materials and are10% the weight of a can or PET bottle.

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