Exciting Aerospace/Technology Early Stage Investment Opportunity

by Paul Galbraith
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Not only does this opportunity have the genuine potential of turning a relatively small initial investment into many, many multiples of its size, but more importantly, it allows those early investors to say they recognised the opportunity and that they were part of this incredible and world-changing story from the very start.

The Hermes ATMOSAT UAV Project of Alliance LP Drones Limited (www.alliance-lp.com) is just such an opportunity.

Everyone knows that the days of satellites for commercial and military purposes are numbered. Satellites are incredibly expensive to build, launch and run, and yet, many organisations, from mobile networks and GPS operators, to governments and military organisations continue to rely heavily upon them. Further, these extreme cost levels make them a prohibitive solution to many industries and organisations that could otheentrwise benefit from such functionality.

Alliance LP Drones, is arguably one of the world leaders in drone and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology, and has an extensive client base all round the world including many major corporate and defence/military clients on strictly confidential terms. They have a cost-effective, efficient and scalable solution to this problem but need your help to take it forward.

The Hermes ATMOSAT UAV Project (see http://www.alliance-lp.com/index.php/atmosat.html ) aims to build and provide large-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to carry and provide the functionality currently housed in satellites and more. This would include, GPS, mobile and internet coverage services (for remoter, poorer infrastructure regions of the world), military and commercial surveillance, weather monitoring etc. These UAVs would operate high above the levels where commercial airlines travel and using modern solar technology could run for years on end without the need to refuel, and only landing if repairs or upgrades are needed.

Alliance LP Drones, through a new company Hermes Aerospace Corp., are now looking to lead the way in both replacing commercial and military satellite technology and taking satellite-type technology to new markets and uses, with purpose-built, long-range, high altitude UAV technology - and they already have the experience, design, technology and capabilities to make this dream a reality.

However, with a wingspan of 63 metres, these drones require larger production facilities than those currently employed for their traditional drone/UAV business. Hermes Aerospace Corp. therefore requires an initial round of start-up/seed capital to help with the costs of building the prototype for marketing, promotional and demonstration purposes of the project.

They are now looking for investments of between USD 50,000 and USD 750,000 and would welcome the opportunity to discuss further, including the specific mechanics of the investment.

Please note that control of the project company (Hermes Aerospace Corporation) is not available under any circumstances and this would be treated as an equity investment as if you were a private individual, rather than a formal VC arrangement.

If this could be of interest and you would like an investment pack and/or to discuss further, please contact me on atmosat.project@gmail.com / +94 72 137 6781 / +66 955 210 956 / http://lk.linkedin.com/in/pagalbraith

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Project Proceeding
by: Hermes Aerospace Corporation

The project is well underway and the latest updates will be posted here soon.

However there's still a chance to get involved as an investor. Please contact us asap if interested.

First Scale Model Completed - Images Here
by: Hermes Aerospace Corp.

Exciting news. We have just completed our first scale model of the Hermes ATMOSAT UAS (UAV) for initial aerodynamic testing.

You can see some images at: https://app.box.com/s/2fjl5wmiadyxd0o37to8wn9n46m19itw

Any problems, please contact atmosat.project@gmail.com


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