by Ashley Taswald Jacobs

Our company Grey Scout Events Solutions is a home based business. We currently scouting for start up funding. Our business idea is pure based upon job creation and skills development. Our ideas sums up everything you need for events planning or events infrastructure will be under one roof so that supplies the clients needs, well served . We would like to have a operational office and fully equipped for business meetings and Human Recourses purposes. This business idea will add value to alleviating poverty and all other social economical challenges for our city, province and country. Grey Scout would like to provide all services for the desired events and projects. Services like a florist, photography, visual art, catering and whatever the client needs to make his or her event a memorable one. This all the start up cost will cover, from marketing, building lease, wages ,office equipment and supplies. We would like have 12 departments which offers from ground security and transport, décor and effects, food and beverage catering, musical art and entertainment, Health and safety to venue operation and permits coordination. This events solutions will create a new opportunity for young talented people to come together and collaborate on innovation and creative ideas for entrepreneurship. The estimated amount for stat-up and all the projects cost $12,669,000 ml . This will see to sustainability and contingency plan of the company.

Contact us through the 'Contact Us' page of this website, mention "EVENTS INFRASTRUCTURE AND PROJECT"

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