Equity/debt funding needed for an Innovations Company

by Radingwana Mamokabane Given
(Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa)

There are millions of innovative minds in the country and the world; most of these innovative minds actually come up with ideas / concepts for inventions or ideas for improvements in certain products and services of companies. Most of these ideas often get as far as a “Provisional Patent application” that later expires after 12 months. While these innovators started with great ideas for positive change in the country as well as the world, most do not have the necessary skills to transform their ideas into products.

At Radimate Innovative Solutions, We believe in our innovators, we believe that their inventions would be of great use to the world, we believe in helping these innovators every step of the way, that is why we are prepared to help them out, in patenting their inventions, developing them, and marketing them to a corporation in return for a cut in the deal.

For the success of this company, we need a seed capital of $ 1 520 000.00 (R15 000 000). This funding will be used for office equipment, advertising (on Billboards and also on the internet), Website development for electronic forms where people have to apply, start-up Capital, Initial operation costs such as hiring people and other office related matters. And I am prepared to sign my invention ideas under the company name to contribute to the growth and development of this company.

I am also offering 30%-35% (neg.) of the company to the equity funder in return for the $1 520 000.00

For more information:
Contact me on :radingwana.given@gmail.com

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