Entertainment Start-up seeking First round of funding in U.S. capital

by Josh Newman
(Bellingham, WA)

We are an up and coming entertainment company looking for Equity Investors or Venture Capitalists to help us get up and running. We will be offering up a % of the company, or will negotiate a ROI to those with serious offers.

What puts us above other companies is that we will strive for user created content (allowing the community to be a part of the design process) which will motivate and make our customers invest in the company/products in more way than one. We are currently working on a fairly large scale open world MMORPG and are seeking the right investor to help us bring this product to the market.

The overall goal for this company is to be an entertainment hub. We will provide entertainment outlets from Video Games, to Board Games, and also looking into Web Series'/Films.

We are looking to get our first round of investment in the range of $5 million in USD.

We have a business plan available upon request. Please email me at joshn@darkwingstudios.net with serious offers only.

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