Entertainment between African regions and the world.

by Jimmy Haluka

$10 million funds needed to run a project that is based on bringing entertainment to African regions as well as collaborating with other entertainment firms.This include recording musics,movies,documentaries and short testimonies. we are also going to run the African entertainment TV channel different from MTV Base and is also going to collaborate with other continents entertainment TV channel. Please contact me to give you the projection of the project in details.The project is also based on bringing cultures together to study one another.This project also aim on setting up a big african recording as well as film studio that enable african artists,musician, actors, etc to collaborate with other people of the same genre worldwide. This will bring unity in every country in all the factors like music, Tourism, culture, education, etc. I just mention a few to show a bigger picture here. This is a business opportunity and I'm sure this project gonna need more than one Investor but for now we have to start with one to get things going or if two are available now then lets roll.

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