by Mark
(Sebastopol, CA, USA)

AESOP could convert locomotive engines to fuel-free operation. Groups at utility substations can replace wind and solar farms!

AESOP could convert locomotive engines to fuel-free operation. Groups at utility substations can replace wind and solar farms!

AESOP could convert locomotive engines to fuel-free operation. Groups at utility substations can replace wind and solar farms! AESOP is converting a Mitsubishi V6 engine to produce 3 kW and free air-conditioning for a home. A Ford engine was successfully converted to fuel-free operation to prove the concept! The future is fuel-free!

AESOP Energy, LLC is a start-up technology development Holding Company located in Sebastopol, California, USA, designing revolutionary, clean, effective, and economically viable 24/7 alternatives to existing mobile and fixed power generating equipment that can supersede intermittent solar and wind systems. Our technology includes Fuel-Free engines and Geomagnetic Generators. Two operating subsidiaries are planned. The first, Fuel-Free Energy Inc. is expected to rapidly help supersede combustion or nuclear fission for transportation and power generation. AESOP’s energy breakthroughs will enable resilient, dispersed power sources to replace fuel burning engines and supplement electric power grids. Fuel-Free Energy’s customers will include engine and car manufacturers and firms involved with wind and solar energy systems. The second operating subsidiary, Ultraconductors Inc. will develop and market the world’s first practical room temperature superconductors.

AESOP scientists have so far invented six engines requiring no fuel. All of these engines will run on atmospheric heat, an untapped source of stored solar energy that far exceeds all of the potential energy of Earth’s fossil fuels. Aesop Energy, LLC, is prototyping the first two of four piston engines that will utilize ambient heat of the environment as the energy source.

Conversion of a small Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine and a Mitsubishi-Chrysler V6 engine to Fuel-Free operation is in process. A Ford engine was earlier converted by Chris Hunter, utilizing propane as an internal refrigerant. His brilliant accomplishment proved that atmospheric heat could replace fuel. (See pages 11-15 under NO FUEL PISTON ENGINES on the aesopinstitute.org website for details). AESOP’s team has invented improved methods to convert gasoline engines. Following conversion of the Fuel-Free small Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine and Mitsubishi V6 engine prototype, AESOP will build a Rauen 4 cylinder Fuel-Free piston engine that needs no propane refrigerant. Most components can eventually be 3D printed. A 4 cylinder prototype will deliver several hundred watts to prove the concept. Commercial gen-sets rated at 1 kW and 10 kW will follow. Fuel-Free engines are expected to initially power gen-sets to at least 100 kW. A converted locomotive engine can exceed 4 MW.

Patents covering Fuel-Free engines are in process. All patents will be assigned to Aesop Institute and licensed exclusively to Aesop Energy, which plans to sublicense. They cover breakthrough innovative energy technologies. Filings will follow worldwide. Aesop is developing prototypes to validate, refine, and improve upon theoretical predictions. Initial prototype performance has proven our technical concepts not only viable, but tremendously promising. Acquisition of two synergistic small firms to provide motors and generators will provide early cash-flow. Another proprietary technology, covered by several domestic and international patents, is polymer Ultraconductors. Additional patents will be filed and acquired. Ultraconductors are polymer equivalents of room temperature superconductors. Aesop also plans to develop non-polymeric room temperature superconductors.

AESOP Energy LLC is prototyping a proprietary 24/7 Alternating Current generator based on unique theory and an accidental discovery. Preliminary test results suggest the possibility of an entirely new approach to solid-state production of electricity utilizing magnets. Early prototypes are under construction. A 1 kW generator may fit in a box 18” x 24” x12”. Multiple modules can be employed for greater power output. It may prove a 24/7 AC alternative to solar panels, useful in any building, including rentals and high-rise. It could provide on-board Electric Vehicle recharge. AESOP anticipates commercial development will follow in Fuel-Free Energy Inc.

AESOP’s team will commercialize room temperature superconductors opening the next industrial revolution. Early products include tape, wire, motors and generators. Ultraconducting Magnetic Energy Storage will provide a unique alternative to chemical batteries. Earlier AESOP Institute affiliated firms successfully completed four Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contracts. All AESOP Ultraconductors will be usable well above 200 degrees F. No refrigeration required.

AESOP’s team includes a dozen individuals with experience in managing design, development, and test of complex systems. Subsidiaries will work in partnership with corporate allies and subcontractors to bring diverse skills to focused, coordinated projects. Mark Goldes has decades of experience exploring potential breakthroughs in energy technologies. He raised more than $10m in Angel and DOD funding for prior AESOP Institute affiliated firms. Ken Rauen’s extensive experience includes lab work with Gene Mallove at Infinite Energy magazine.

AESOP seeks modest Convertible Loans at this time to rapidly complete prototypes. AESOP ENERGY LLC needs initial capitalization of $5m USD. This Holding Company will prove inventions practical, then move them as rapidly as possible into either of the two planned subsidiaries: Fuel-Free Energy Inc. and Ultraconductors Inc. Each of the latter firms seeks initial capitalization of $10m USD. Both will offer investors excellent exit strategies which, if appropriate, could be public offerings, perhaps utilizing the newly available JOBS Act.

For more information please contact: AESOP Energy LLC Mark Goldes, Chairman & CEO 707 861-9070 mark@aesopenergy.com www.aesopinstitute.org


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Fuel-Free piston engines and turbines
by: Revolutionary Energy Guy

The website: aesopinstitute.org can usually be viewed without problems by trying a different browser.

Piston engines that need no fuel expand the current interpretation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Ford engine was converted by an independent inventor in Alaska.AESOP is close to completion of conversion of a single cylinder engine. A distinguished independent lab will be invited to verify and validate the work.At that point major funds for production are promised.

Fuel-Free Turbines do not violate the Second Law. To understand why, look for that title under MORE on the website. Kondrashov, a Russian inventor pioneered and prototyped turbines. Turbines that need no fuel promise to provide all types of vehicles unlimited range.

These engines are understandably hard-to-believe and the work is attacked by Trolls who are certain they are impossible. Some distorted truth and many outright lies are published by a ranting individual. Desktop engines for schools are planned and will overcome skepticism.

Nikola Tesla wrote:  "In this present world …a revolutionary idea or invention is hampered  –  by selfish interests, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance. It is attacked and stifled (by modern Trolls), and passes through bitter trials and tribulations. … All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed, only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle."

"Every fact of science was once damned. Every invention was considered impossible. Every discovery was a nervous shock to some orthodoxy. Every artistic innovation was denounced as fraud and folly."  Robert Anton Wilson

My bio is on the website. I’m available for any questions.

Understand how thermodynamics work much?
by: Anonymous

I'd like to see a video of this successful converted Ford engine....

Or any of these projects as proven theories. Their website also is convoluted and requires 3rd party apps to even view. And when you try to it says the pages are for private viewing only. So claims of any working technologies are pretty much unfounded. And unless I see a working proof of concept I call BS.

Do some research on this guys other failed projects, smells like an investment scam...

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