Engine Ecology -- Reducing emissions 35-80% within minutes

by Dan Renner
(Manila, Philippines)

The inexpensive, highly profitable "Clean Turbo" also ~increases~ power 10-15%.

In 750+ installs of my "Clean Turbo" in various types and ages of vehicles it has reduced vehicle engine emissions 35-80%, consumption 5-15% and increased power 10-15% with 90+% success rate in vehicles ranging from 50cc scooters to small buses and trucks -- this while at a cost of only USD$38 average each. You can read up on some of the results for the last 4 years at the Engine Ecology website.

I am aiming for 3rd world countries because the need is greater there -- in the amount of emissions available to reduce (such as in the Philippines where 1/2 of the vehicles are used from China, Japan and Korea) and in the need for less consumption (and more power) by this same market. Asia is the largest growing user of petroleum products per US EIA data of 1980-2012.

At this point I currently have interest from 24 distributors that cover 40+ 3rd world countries in Africa, S. America and Asia, I also have interest from countries such as Brazil, China, UK and US as well as a large OEM of small diesel engines all asking for product plus the major truck OEM asking for tests.

If I can hit my target of 5% of this market in 5 years, the income produced will be approximately USD$250MM.

Specifically what I am looking for and what these funds will generate is one of the following:

Investment Effect created
USD$300K Distribution into 2 countries
USD$2MM Distribution into 15 countries
USD$5MM Distribution into 39 countries

The quicker we hit the market the less we have to worry about pirates and the sooner I can hit my target.

In case of further questions on the matter, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Dan Renner
Inventor-Founder: "Clean Turbo" - Engine Ecology

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