Electronic Business Cards Not Your Ordinary Paper Card

by Jorge Olazabal
(Sarasota Forida)

EcardGlobal has given exclusive rights to market eConectese Global Inc in South America.
As an investor you can take advantage of partnering with a cutting edge technology company
right from the ground floor.
Looking to raise $250,000.00 Can be done in stages..... Equity and ROI available

More info available upon request. "SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY"

Here are some of the advantages of having one of our eCards:

1. No App required
2. Push Notification so that SMS messages can be broadcasted to a particular group.
3. Give anyone your eCard by texting, email or QR code
4. Never get caught without a business card, just give them your link: www.econectese.com/userid
5. Change any information on your eCard through your back office and never having to print new cards.
6. Changes made to your eCard are automatically updated to everyone you have given your eCard to.
7. Our eCard is an "All in One" where one can:
a. Access their social media
b. Access their particular Cloud Storage and Backup
c. Post their Resume
d. Post a Video or Selfie to promote a business or themselves
e. Post a Blog
f. Display their Portfolio of Work Performed
g. Use your eCard as your website
h. Access your email directly from the eCard
8. You can customize the look on your eCard to the look you want
9. Get paid when you refer anyone to get his or her own eCard
10. Privately brand your eCard with your company's look
11. Able to view your eCard on any platform:
a. Android Smart phone
b. IPhone
c. Tablet
d. Mac or Ipad
e. PC or Laptop


This is an ideal investment scenario.

Thank you!

Jorge E. Olazabal
President & CEO
eConectese Global Inc.

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