EGIT copper tube plant

by Mohamed El sawy
(Cairo - Egypt)

Looking for 100% finance,seed investor or JV partner for very lucrative ready shovel project

1-The Industry: ACR (Air conditioning and Refrigeration) copper tube industry, is one of the most demandable feeding industries in the world. As this type of copper tubes involves in making A/C, Car A/C, Hospital Gas Tubes, Oil and Gas, Power Stations and more of the vertical industries.
This Project intends to start a manufacturing plant within the geographical zone of Africa, Egypt. This local market has a gap calculated for more than 150,000 ton of copper tubes, of different sizes and types. Although, the regional markets of Africa and Gulf is of a great opportunity for exporting factory's products.
1.1. Objectives: Leading Egyptian and Gulf markets for first region' copper tube plant. Acquiring 8% of the MENA and Levant Markets
Type: 100 % Greenfield / Seed / Start up project finance.
Field: Manufacturing.
Vertical: Copper Tubes.
2-Milestones achieved:
Searching the opportunity.
Travel and similar plant assessment visits.
Marketing survey for ideal product Mix.
Consultations for the most modern production technology
Design of the production line and plant layout
pre-bidding & procurements of production line.
Executive Business Plan. , Financial Business plane reviewed by E&Y
All local governmental permit from Egyptian investment authority including industrial park land
4. Required Investment:
Approximately USD 48 M looking for 100 finance , seed investor , VC or and JV

5. Pay back period
Pay back 7 - 10 years minimum period
6. Internal rate of return
IRR INC terminal value 28 %
7. Project valuation
Total project NPV 157,816 M $
Full financial projection plan for 10 years is ready upon your request

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