by Gerald S. Ortiz
(Cebu City, Philippines)

Beachline of proposed site

Beachline of proposed site

Beachline of proposed site whitesand abundant seafoods future projects

We are looking for a joint-venture partner to help us fund in the development of ecotourism and social enterprise on this long neglected island. We have hectares of land along a white sand beach with crystal clear waters and hills with caves as backdrop. Its very potential for a multi-million dollar industry that focuses on sustainable development. We even have a Facebook Page on it called "Discovering Kinatarcan". The island got noticed after superstorm Haiyan struck the Philippines.

A 2 Million U.S. Dollar investment will have us a 50room Resort Hotel with separate house for partners/investor’s use, 2 Medium size Ferry Boat,a small wharf, Zip lines, renewable source of energy like solar,bio-gas and small wind turbines. We can provide jobs to many people in the island. Several sunken vessels during World War 2 can be found off the coast of the island which makes it attractive to divers and explorers.

A 50-50 Sharing scheme is proposed base on net profit. To ensure transparency, we encourage the investor to have his/her representative often check the progress of development. A staff house will be the first one to be built for our convenience.

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