by Ivan
(London United Kingdom)

What is most important in any life? HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINKS!
So, invest in ecological organic food and drink and you will not mistake.

Production of strictly controlled Organic Food and Drinks, from primary production on own fields to the final products through own system of final production with minimal environmental impact. Where waste on one production will be used as a valuable material on another one, in the closed circle, without or with minimal environmental impact.

The company is presently registered as a Limited company with ambition and plans to be as soon as organized funding be transformed to PLC with a group of internationally spreadable Ltd companies inside., divided by specific activity.

Management team composed from international team mix of old experienced experts and young practitioners. The board of directors will have 15 people as permanent and will be open for new people interest related to the company.

Entire production needs to be allocated in or close to the Mediterranean climate, as most suitable for organic production, and the sufficient workforce reasonable cost.

The ORGANIC FOOD AND DRINK market is rising annually between 9 and 15%, as people are more and more conscious about consumption quality and healthy organic food and drink.

The organic food industry, there is rarely global or significant business mostly are organized in small farms.

There to be a mixed farm producing cheese, meat: sheep, goat, old traditional pigs, poultry, fish, and the fruit products as juice, jams distillate (spirits) and wine. There is needed around 1,000 – 2,000 hectares, spread 500 hectares mix orchards, 500 hectares’ vineyards, and rest in grassland and animal food production crop rotation.
Also in the first instance, there will be a primary agricultural production grooving fruit, grape, and animals as well food for animals.
It is important to say that concept will work without or minimal environmental impact, as the basic is that residues and waste from one production will be used as an important substance in another production.
Secondary production of cheeses, whey, then 2 slaughterhouses one for poultry and one for sheep, goat deer and pigs as well meat processing plants to produce smoked dry-cured meat on traditional way, different sausages and salami, as well ready made and seamy ready-made foods, for human consumption as well for pets (cats and dogs). There will be also produced from the fruit; juices and jams on old traditional recipes. It will be a distillery to produce spirits drinks and liquors, and the winery to produce wine from own grove grape and fruits.
There will be a third production as is wool, leather and fur from sheep and goat and fader from poultry, as well some souvenirs and other side production to keep staff busy during a quite period in the fields – or farm.
There will be a question why is this mixing of animals with orchard and vineyard. There is a simple reason. As in organic production orchards and vineyards we need quality manure, at the seamy time we have a lots of scrap from as example pruning orchard – vineyard that sheep and goat-like to eat, or cutting crass between, as well on autumn after harvesting if we release in orchard and vineyard poultry (chicken, duck, and goose) they will pick almost all insect that leave on the bottom and the fallen (rotten fruit – grape) with we have double effect poultry will eat highly nutritious food and significantly rise weight and simultaneously will light dig for 2 – 3 inches, few centimetres and eliminate rotten fruit and insects that have potential to develop and spread diseases, automatically will needles spraying, trough organic spraying by natural organic products.
In the entire concept, will be implemented tenth of innovations that empirically prove the new more profitable concept in agricultural and food industry. Where will waste on the one side, be valued raw materials in another production side with minimal or without impact on the environment?
Also, the entire concept is based on close collaborations within one business holding system. As we look presently many farmers are unprofitable but the processing pants and the traders make a good profit, here is all in one advanced closed circuit, where each supporting own self and system in whole.
Marketing will be organized through own farm shop and a degustation (gustation) center, on beginning will be promotional sale activity on different cities for beginning and future will be organized online sale. Degustation center will be as well used for events.
Employment; aside from the owner and the family members there will be needed some staff part and full-time.
Economy: First 3 - 4 years this business will be not fully economically productive and positive as fruit tree and grape starts with production in a third or fourth year. Second and third-year income will cover costs not but after 4th year this will start payback invested money and will be very lucrative.
Energy, the entire concept will be energetically mostly independent as the machinery will be electrically powered and for the supply of electricity will be used the roof of a stable solar panel and a wind generator. There will be manure used in the future to produce gas.
There I like to prove that small holdings can be a financial very profitable business if is good organized and concept that not work as a supplier for big systems but to be independent and closed production circles form the fields to end users without intermediaries.

For More information please contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website. Mention "ECOLOGICAL ORGANIC FOOD DRINK AND PHARMACEUTICAL SUPLEMENTS "

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