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What is most important in any life? HEALTHY FOOD AND DRINKS!
So, invest in ecological organic food and drink and you will not mistake.

Short introduction
There to be a mix self-sufficient farm producing cheese, meat: sheep, goat, old traditional pigs, poultry, fish, and the fruit products as juice, jams distillate (spirits) and wine.
Also in first instance, there will be a primary agricultural production grooving fruit, grape, vegetables and animals as well food for animals.
It is important to say that concept will work without environmental impact, as the basic is that residues and waste on one production will be used as important substance in another production.
Secondary production of cheeses +20 different, whey, then slaughter house and meat processing to produce smoked dry cured meat on traditional way, different sausages and salami, as well ready-made and seamy ready-made foods, +50 assorted products for human consumption as well for pets (cats and dogs). There will be also production from the fruit; sugarless juices and jams on old traditional recipes. It will be a micro distillery to produce spirits drinks, and the winery to produce wine from own grove grape and fruit.
There will be a third production as is wool, leather and fur from sheep and goat and fader from poultry, as well some souvenirs and other side production to keep staff busy during quite period on the fields – or farm.
There will be question why is this mixing of animals with orchard and vineyard. There is simple reason. As in organic production orchards and vineyards we need quality manure, at the seamy time we have a lots of scrap from as example pruning orchard – vineyard that sheep and goat like to eat, or cutting crass between, as well on autumn after harvesting if we release in orchard and vineyard poultry (chicken, duck and goose) they will pick almost all insect that leave on the bottom and the fallen (rotten fruit – grape) with we have double effect poultry will eat highly nutritious food and significantly rise weight and simultaneously will light dig for 2 – 3 inches, few centimetres and eliminate rotten fruit and insects that have potential to develop and spread diseases, automatically will need les spraying, trough organic spraying by natural organic products.
In the entire concept, will be implemented tenth of my innovations that empirically prove new more profitable concept in agricultural and food industry. There will waste on the one side, be valued substance, raw materials in another production side with minimal or without impact on the environment.
Marketing will be organised trough own farm shop and degustation (TESTING) centre, on beginning will be promotional activity on different city up to 200 miles’ distance and from beginning and future will be organised online sale to end-users. Degustation centre will be as well used for events and the as example weeding or other parties neighbouring public.
Employment; aside of the owner and the family there will be needed some staff part and full time.
First 3 - 4 years this small holding will be not fully economically productive as fruit tree and grape starts with production in third or fourth year. Second and third year income will cover costs not but after 4th year this small holding will start pay back invested money and will be very lucrative.
Energy, the entire concept will be energetically mostly independent as the machinery will be electrically powered and for supply of electric will be used a stable for roof solar panels and a wind generators. The manure from animals will be used to extracting gas and all will be used in processing plants.
From previous information you can take impression how is this project complex. But this is only way to be without environmental impacts. How far I was gone in the ecology can say you information that there will be not used diesel or petrol for tractors and other agricultural equipment all will be electric powered, what is organic production if on the plants lay tones of carbon and soot. And quantity of animals is optimised with size of land, that the everything work in symbioses. There is important to say that Organic production require more hand than conventional, also employment will rise. And the project can be implemented in any country pending on climate zone.


Minimal start investment £20,000,000 in one goo as small/medium version of the entire project
Best investment £200,000,000 split
1st year 50% = 100,000,000.00 split:35% immediate after sign Contract, 35% within 6 months, and 30% within 10 months.
2nd year 35% = £70,000,000 split: 50% within 15th month of investment period and 50% in the 18th month of investment period
3rd year 15% = £30,000,000 in one go in 30th month of investment period.

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