earth lost treasure the environment ,gold mining and documentary project

by Manfred M Gassama
(Sierra Leone)

As a mining exploration company that seeks to identify the golden
treasures of nature and the beauty of its habitation, our organisation
is proposing to do alongside mining a film production, titled “The
Discovery of the Earth’s Lost Treasure”. This is to expose the beauty,
richness and potentials of nature and how it can be tapped to
improve the social and economic fabric of societies. It will also look
at the nature and cultural diversities, environmental health and
community development.

All greenstone belts in Sierra Leone are known to contain gold, which
mineral was first discovered in 1926 in the Makoke River near
Masumbiri, northern Sierra Leone. Geological survey studies considered
Sierra Leone as major undiscovered gold deposits more than any other
mineral. The deposit was divided into three zones by the Geological
Survey in the 1960s, namely Eastern, Central and Western, with
significant estimated reserves.

The film drama is an off-shoot of the dynamics of the mining
activities in the country, which have been a key contributor to its
growth and economic development. It will give a narrative commentary
of the mining activities in the country; traditional community
settings and village life, conflicts in the mining sites, transactions
deals and double crossing, instability and supremacy, rural–urban
migration, food insecurity, child labour, abuse of human right,
protection of the environment, economic explosion, environmental
health and disaster, development planning and restoration of community
infrastructure. It will touch on all the key issues affecting the
mining communities; viz, environmental, social and economic, community
development, investment potentials and sustainability, civil
disobedience and instability, crime and other related societal

In view of the above, we are therefore seeking collaborative
partnership and support to undertake this project- Film production and
Gold mining project. This we intend to escalate through major
International cable news and TV channels in USA, Canada and other
European countries.

To this backdrop, we therefore count on your support to give nature
the pride of life and development. contact me at

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