Earn above 30% IRR by investing to support artisanal gold miners in Cameroon dig the trenches

by Joseph BESONG
(Yaounde, Cameroon)

We are seeking capital to set-up a digging company for local gold miners in the Eastern Region of Cameroon. Miners continue to dig trenches by hand and have a production of 200 KG per month. Local prices 50.000 dollars per KG. Monthly income 10.000.000 dollars. Available digging machines are old and always break down. Cost of rental per day now reaches 1200 dollars.

Seeking 500.000 dollars to set up a digging company with relatively newer digging equipment. Lean management structure, experienced drivers and easy control of income. Expected period of investment 3 years with an IRR above 25%. Debt or equity accepted.
Contact Joseph BESONG, CEO of First Asset Management PLC, joshbesong@gmail.com for further details

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