E Wind AG- project in wind energy

by Slav

Our company E Wind AG implements the project in the field of Wind Energy in Romania. We are looking for financing for the construction of 58 mgv is starting for the company and is implemented jointly with the Danish company. E Wind AG plans to invest in further development of Wind Energy in different regions of Europe, including Russia. We are interested in contacts with various funds, which are interested in the fast-growing company with a great team and management and bright beutuful strategy for success and market value. Also we are glad to cooperate with various technical teams working in the field of engines for wind parks, who wish to realize their ambitions in wind energy. Please feel free to send your suggestions.

The project is worth that would work with him. In moment put wind farms in Romania, there are 58 megawatts, the second phase of its captive fund placed among private investors and go on M & A transactions Within the fund buying up existing companies wind farms in Europe, which already produce energy. Objects for absorption may make public companies that are developing successfully and have potential for growth in a short period of time. Combining all assets per share will be a logical continuation of the company's development. But the company has no plans to stop, now there is a great opportunity to start production in Serbia, wind motors are very popular and we are planning to start a build on 50% of engines there. The second part, we plan to collect engines in Russia, which will give us the winnings on global calling at Russia. That is, we put wind parks in Russia, as part of assembly production by 50% in the same place in Russia. In 2018 the company on the stock exchange, which will give us real money for the development of the project has great potential. To understand why Serbia - Serbia and Russia between zero duty for export to Russia, the factory in Serbia in the economic zone with minimal taxes, is currently an opportunity that is. How do you see the future, through the capitalization ... 7 years .. and markets .. and of course the new windmills in the Czech Republic and Serbia and 200mgv 300 megawatts, Romania and Poland and Bulgaria, Turkey .. purpose for 7 years more than 1000 megawatts have , have their production engines and shares on the market! The market value of the company to grow, investors will be satisfied. In addition, we plan to launch production of gas engines that will give us a huge market even in this market. Base for the project - a holding company in Switzerland.

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