Dream Vacations for the medically and physically impaired.

by Wayne Shrock
(Casper, Wy--USA)

We are offering a service to the medically and physical impaired, where they may enjoy the dream vacation of their life. We can take them any where they would like to go, as long as we can drive there and back. We offer all the medical care, their food, transporation, and everything they need to have a safe,enjoyable Dream Vacations.

From the over 35,000 hours of research that has been done part of which includes research done by the "Wyoming Research Center" shows that there are 50 Million people that would travel if services were available. Our research shows that in just two cities Phoenix, AZ and Jupiter, FL there are over 2,800 people that like our service, would use it and can afford it, and most of them would like a 4-6 week dream vacation.

While we are offering this service to the affluent aging “baby boomers” as our main market, it will allow us to offer to our investors a very good ROI.

For more information please view our web site: www.continentaldovelines.com, then please contact me so I may answer all your questions.

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