domestic power generation with zero fuel

by prasannakumar

What is the investment:

the subject of energy is gigantic,big. I focused commercial and large scale of power generation using 1mw, 2.1mw windmills without tower and blades .with this the cost of 1mw is reduced 50%.and by an artificial method it will run continuously at rated r.p.m and achieve above 75% plf (plant load factor), when compared to thermal power plant absolutely this plant installation and running cost is reduced in half. off the initial and running cost.and high plf( plant load factor will be achieved). large scale power generation is possible with this up gradation method of wind power plant .mainly compared to thermal this is cheap and best, low pollution.

What is the product : and now this invention turned in to two sectors one is large scale that is mechanical power generation system and another one is domestic power generation with zero fuel.sir in you view the air chamber measurements plz tell me? u don't know?
the air chamber length is 15 feet length and 5 feet width and 5 feet height. assume the area of that volume air one comes at a time on a high flexible turbine which is connected to gear ratio based working mini turbine.gear ratio is 3:1 ,example how sugar crane machine generates high torque to crush the sugar cane,with out gear technology that is not possible ,similar technology i was applied now that's this level i describe this level only .

What are approvals :for domestic method we don't need any NOC because it is pollution free ,eco friendly. it will have global demand what i believe .

No any enclosures : please ask for youtube clip for more information of working model. this is a plant working model of large scale power generation method

What is the period for mfg :domestic power generation with zero fuel (externally we don't need any fuel or any other things , but internally the system uses 25% of generated power to make system run contentiously and end customer load always 75% .this is go's on parallel .simply this is about the method.

What is market: future power need is increasing day by day but the sources are minimizing day by day .we have to find a best method ,ever good method. for that i worked as long time to get this method which is best ever now. for domestic needs ,also for large scale we can make this n number to generate large scale ,compare to solar this one is cheap and best in plf( plant load factor) and power generation .most effective method

What is estimated profit :if we have own manufacturing unit for domestic method ,the manufacturing cost is very low at present market rates. so maximum benifit is there if we have own manufacturing units of generators( low rpm :50 rpm),gear boxes, pressure chambers,turbines.with in two years your investment will come in our country ,if globally it start we can not calculate at this movement.its big.
and also large scale power generation method also we have big profits.

thank you for this sir.

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