Do you need commercial financing for acquisitions, construction, developments, expansion, refinancing, joint ventures, partnerships in the US or internationally?

We have a variety of lending programs that will fit your needs. Below is a general summary of our International and Domestic commercial loan programs.

For projects outside the US, PFI has a minimum of $5M (USD) funding request requirement with no limit.

If you are looking for international or domestic financing for your project, we can leverage our established network and strategic relationships with the goal to help get the financing you need.

Our network includes Lenders and other sources that have delegated underwriting authority for some of the largest international banks, investment banks, private lenders, correspondents, conduits, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds, private accredited investors, and private lenders.

Regarding international financing, our overall methodology is designed to help secure the right lender for your specific project. We have direct relationships with Lenders and Lender/Investor underwriting sources that serve their clients and get many projects funded every year. For example, one of our sources completed over 2,000 transactions representing over $10 Billion in funding since 2007.

Our expertise includes creative, strategic thinking to "architect the deal" so that the ROI makes sense for all parties involved. PFI can help secure funding for your project through our extensive lending network, for all types of real estate and business projects, including acquisitions, construction, developments, expansion, refinancing, joint ventures and partnerships.


Minimum funding: $5M (USD) with no limit.

Geographic Preferences: Our Investors and underwriting sources prefer US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, India and other US-friendly international areas on a project-by-project basis.

Project Types: Asset Based Financing, Bridge Loans, Casinos, Commercial Real Estate Developments, Golf Courses, Hotels, Marinas, Mining Projects, Oil and Gas refineries, Resorts and Renewable Energy projects such as wind farms, solar power and power plants along with other types of projects.

Terms: The funding parameters, specific terms, timing and costs will be based on the business analysis and overall risk assessment and strength of the project and the Principals. Since our sources are very competitive, the Principals' project will receive the rate and terms that it deserves. We have Investors that will fund 80-100% of your project, if it qualifies, therefore you only need 0-20% down in verifiable liquid funds.


Minimum funding: $200,000 + (USD) with no limit.

Project Types: Asset Based Financing, Bridge Loans, Commercial Real Estate Developments, Golf Courses, Hotels, Marinas, Mining Projects, Oil and Gas refineries, Resorts and Renewable Energy projects such as wind farms, solar power and power plants. Storage Facilities along with other types of projects are also available.

Terms: The funding parameters, specific terms, timing, and costs will be based on the business analysis and overall risk assessment and strength of the project and the Principals. Since our sources are very competitive, your project will receive the rate and terms that it deserves. We have Investors that will fund 80-100% of your project, if it qualifies, therefore you only need 0-20% down in liquid funds.

PFI provides for both new and established companies the “Strategic Access to Capital” that includes both institutional and/or private financing. Our goal is to accomplish this at competitive rates and terms and to process your file in the shortest amount of time possible. We provide a broad variety of financial products and services catered for the specific needs of our clients. PFI provides access to Lenders, Investors, Hedge Funds and underwriting sources for International and USA Projects for many types of project undertakings. Our Lenders are looking for exceptional projects with strong profitable, business plans and management teams.

IMPORTANT: If you are serious about securing funding for your "shovel ready" project, please email a 1 to 5 page Executive Summary to us or call us first to discuss your project.

PFI is a approved funding source. Please apply by emailing or use our 'Contact Us' form. Please mention PFI in the subject line of the email or the first line of the message.

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Djibouti Travel, Transportation and Logistics Project; Mezzanine or Sinking Fund
by: Laurence D Lucy-Evans

It is estimated that the Djiboutian commercial freight transportation market had aggregate revenues of trillions of Djibouti Franc’s this past year. In other words, the free flow of goods from the Djibouti Port to other countries in Africa, make it an ideal location for our innovative, state of the art, transportation business, consisting of a fleet of 500 trucks, a 25,000-sf center and an eight-bay maintenance facility. The overall total revenues spent each year is divided among two sectors: private carriage and for-hire service.

Initially, we seek a 25-year amortized, owner occupied; 10-year fixed; five-year interest only; 1st lien $20,000,000 (USD) commercial mortgage. This non-recourse debt loan is needed to facilitate identified land acquisition, site development, break ground, establish and house the purchase of 250 MACK Trucks. Subsequently, as Principals generate revenue, for future phase completion (and expansion), Principals require a $64,000,000 (USD) capital; i.e. 25-year amortized loan, 15-year interest only fixed commercial mortgage. Thus, total non-recourse debt position reflects $84,000,000 (USD).

At the earliest opportunity, intentions are to secure immediate funding. Invariably, for completion of this Djibouti Transportation and Logistics project, Principals require an initial capital infusion of $20,000,000 (USD). Plus, four subsequent capital infusion phases and distributions or an additional $64,000,000 (USD) need be secured or held in escrow. Consequently, upon completion and successful inspection of each part this four-phase development project, escrow funds are authorized for release and paid in equal distributions or $16,000,000 x 4 = $64,000,000 (USD). For the lender or financier, an appropriate exit strategy is repayment of debt (within ten years).

We have a complete loan package; to include appropriate permissions, land purchase agreements and other supporting narratives. More important, Principals have written support from the Djibouti government.


Deal Industrial High-tech, CF positive 5 months / Break-even 9 months needing 20 M US$ bridge funding Debt/Equity OK
by: Bruno Koegler

We run a high-tech industrial venture like GoPro/FitBit/Xiaomi Revenues US$1.5+ billion net 35% @Year 5, ROI / break-even 9 months only, offering 1000 jobs and US$ 1 bn GDP boost, per net exports and prestige (green high-tech made in X), OK to grow from X :)

We seek to complete $25M technology R&D brought-in, basic working capital range US$20 to 50M at 90% for 1st tier inventory value like a collateral, payback 12 or 18 months fully OK (bridge financing while 40% EBITDA). Debt, venture-debt, hybrid or VC/PE equity all are OK for debate.

I'd like to connect and I'd welcome your feedback, or better conference call for an eventual deeper brainstorming.


Bruno Koegler
Founder/Owner/CEO Koegler Electronics Co., Ltd.
Design, Manufacturing and Branding of e. g. High-end Tablet, Mobile and All-in-One Green LCD PC TV (15"~36")

Please contact me through the "Contact Us" page of this website.

Project in Antigua/Barbuda $700mm
by: Russ

Seeking $700mm for large scale project in Antigua/Barbuda. Sports Venue Facility, need infrastructure, real estate, renewable energy project will be going in as well. Some infrastructure is in along w the 50k seat stadium is in. Please view website below. I am direct to the CFO of project.

Project Funding
by: Anonymous


I am seeking investment capital for major real estate development and mining projects.
Please send me your parameters and guidelines.

Real Estate Investments
by: Anonymous

We are trying to expand our operations and are looking to be funded. We are experts in the purchase of forclosed or low cost houses to makeover and resell at premium price. We are looking for a USD 5M investment, at a 15 year term. Interest rates should be atractive. Please contact me if interested.

Best regards.

Need Funding For 1st Interactive Family Entertainment Center
by: Wayne

Seeking an initial investment between $700k to $1,000,000, equity or debt.
We are Adventure Productions, Inc, an innovative company on a powerful & successful journey into our 1st Interactive Family Entertainment Center offering; our Patent Pending; unique turn-key, interactive & interchangeable attractions
Imagine if you will, entering an attraction that you know is filled with adventure, the unknown, and coupled with an extreme adrenaline rush! Now imagine going into that same attraction over and over again and never knowing what to expect. Every visit is a totally unique experience! That’s what Adventure Productions, is all about!
Our minimum projections will produce a net profit of approximately $1 million dollars.
All financial projections, quoting, Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Advertising Plan, and Personnel requirements are complete.

by: Anonymous

require 2.5 mil for fast turn around bridge inance funding . no upfront fees or insurances purchase and first lien on 19 mil property in california.

Funding needed!! To buy property and build Hotel/Resort with private beachfront location Caye Caulker, Belize.
by: Anonymous

I am a experienced hotelier living out here on Caye Caulker, Belize. I now manage a family guesthouse, a hostel and a hotel. Right now I have the opportunity to buy a Amazing beachfront property in a great and upcoming part of the island. I have plans to build a beautiful 5+ star hotel/resort with all rooms having amazing sunrise and sets over the beautiful Caribbean ocean and barrier reef. I can start small with a loan of 1M (USD) to buy the property and build the first couple floors and build my way up earning on the projected average income of $25,000-30,000 (USD) per month after taxes.
With a loan of 5M (USD) I could completely the whole thing. 5 floors (the island max height) 74 rooms and condos. all inclusive restaurant, casino, beach pool and bar, unbeatable views and diving and snorkeling ours. Projected average income of $120,000-170,000 monthly. Please contact me!!!! This is no joke or scam!!!

seek financing

Importer in medical and consumable goods in constantine (Algeria)I am in the search of a financing for the development and the modernization of my company. I need your officinal assistance for the purchase of the equipment of the modern imagery Such as: SCANNER CT, I.R.M, ECHOGRAPH and CONVENTIONAL RADIOLOGIE.
I am able to repay my loan.
Best Regards.

Contact me through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

Require 100% Equity Based Funding for Pharmaceutical Medicine Manufacturing Project in Africa.
by: Anonymous

Require 100% Equity Funding in New Project of Human Pharmaceutical Medicine Manufacturing Project in Africa. Assured government business with payback time of 28 months from the date of beginning of production, for the investment on non-movable property, while working capital remains in project until 5 years from the date of beginning of production. Lead time for production around 2 years. So, total payback time around 52 Months from the date of finance. Total project is of around USD 6.5 Million, WHICH INCLUDES WORKING CAPITAL ALSO.

Interested investor may please contact through the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

by: Guillermo A. Marioni



We are looking for interested investors that would like to "partner" with us in a Real Estate Project, downtown of Santiago de Chile. We need USD 12-13 Million to purchase + 13,000 sqm in real estate properties to a University in Chile that has collapsed financially, and is currently under inspection by a State Auditor.

We have been appointed by their manager and legal responsable, to sell these properties and to solve the critical financial situation the owners are facing.

This place is ideal to build a mall, commercial center / shopping center with underground parking, etc. [...talked to the management of works of the municipality and we wouldn't have any problems for an event of this type.]

The plan is to:
- Purchase the properties for +/- USD 10 Million
- Clean the properties documentation
- Completely demolish & dismantle constructions and leave everything ready and clean (dismantled) with an architectural project with all issued authorizations.
- Sell properties+architectural project (Such a project would have an estimated commercial value of: USD 20 Million or higher.)

What we offer:
- Brokerage/intermediation [Being responsible for the sale, puts us in an advantageous position, allowing non-complicated and safety negotiations, between investor/s and owners]
- Managing of the works (the complete demolition & dismantling of buildings & constructions, municipal authorizations)
- Managing the architectural project
- Sale of both, properties and project

What we are looking for:

A) Investor/s that are interested and familiar with this kind of operations.
B) Direct lenders that would be able to fund 100% of this business opportunity (which as we have seen so far, is rather unlikely)

What we request:

if A) 5% Brokerage commission + carry out the project + 10% equity in a JV
if B) Debt based funding arrangement [i.e. Loan] | Terms/grace-period/i-Rate: [To be discussed]

Please, let me know if this is an appealing biz opportunity you would be interested in.

I await your soonest response

Thank you in advance for your time!

Guillermo A. Marioni
Project Development

Construction, electricity & mining engineering and other business activities
RUT ID 76.264739-7
Av. 11 de Septiembre 1881 suite 1902
Providencia – Santiago – Chile

Requesting loan to develop our school.
by: A.Mohanaraja

A.Mohanaraja, Correspondent,
Scism nursery & primary school,
Rasingapuram, 625528.
Theni district, Tamilnadu, South India.
Dear sir,
We are running a Nursery and Primary school at Rasingapuram- a remote village in Theni district, at the State of Tamilnadu, South India (Indian government is building a Neutrino research center in this village). This area is very backward in education and general health. 95% homes have no toilets. This people are using road side and vacant land as their toilets. We strongly believe that proper education only change their life style. Most of the people surrounding the villages are farmers and cardamom planters owning little land. Children of this people cannot get proper education so for years. Now only this people are willing to give good education to their children.
To provide proper education to them, we started this primary school in 2011 with 170 little buds and at present the school has the strength of 470 students. Further in this area, 99% of people are computer illiterate. So we have introduced computer education right from kindergarten classes. However after their primary schooling most of the students con not continues their higher studies because of the more fees in the near towns. Even the conveyance charges of the schools are greater than our school fees. Our people cannot face this transport charges and the highest school fees. In a statistics our state Tamilnadu is first place in primary education in India. At the same time in high school studies our state is pushed back to seventh place. In India, 80% people are living in villages. But only 3% to 5% of the people have good knower in computer. To solve this problem, we have planned to upgrade our school up to std. tenth with hostel. All parents request us to provide higher classes to their children. For this program we want money to full fill the government regulations, such as land, building and furniture. If we get loan from local bankers, we can able to pay only the interest of their money and we cannot pay the principal amount as the interest is very high.
We hope for these good causes, well wisher of untraded people, like you can kindly lend us a loan in less interest with pledge our land and buildings. We will give back the money wit in 15 years.
Loan Amount : 300,000 USD
We and the thousands of students would be great full and bear your name if you help us in this regard.

Need a loan for the project.
by: Egils

Hello! There is a new idea and knowledge to carry out a new project requires a loan. Implementation of the project it is necessary to EUR 10 000 000 with credit holidays up to 15 months. Pledge not. The 100% loan is needed to buy an e-scrap refining line with a processing capacity of 8 tons a day to recover from e-scrap Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu and other metals. Maturity 5-6 years. If the information on the loan is real, I'll be glad to work with you. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

Project to be funed
by: Dr Luuk van Breda

Dear Sir/Madam
We have now concluded discussions with the client and they are in need of USD 20 million, for the following projects urgently.

1. 1 x 30 MW in Vietnam – price for the licence fee: 4,5 Mil. Price for the electricity 10.07 USD per kWh. 30 MW produce 282,800,000 kWh/year  turnover 28 Mill. /year over 20 years. Profit share 20% will be in our profit: 5,6 Million USD per year. PPA is from government and under the law, monthly payments will be coming from the state owned electric company.

2. 1 x 10 MW in Indonesia – price for the licence fee: 4 Mill. Price for the electricity 12 USD per kWh. 10 MW produce 87,600,000 kWh/year  turnover 10,5 Mill. /year over 20 years. Profit share 20% will be in our profit: 2,1 Million USD per year. PPA is from local government and business partner. We will get there a 10 Mill. BG, which we can transfer to the funder.

3. 1 x 280 MW in Indonesia – price for the licence fee: 5 Mill. Price for the electricity 11 USD per kWh. 280 MW produce 2,452,600,000 kWh/year  turnover 269 Mill. /year over 20 years. Profit share 20% will be in our profit: 53,8 Million USD per year. PPA is from PLN, stat owned company and guaranteed by the national government.

With kind regards

Educational infrastructure
by: Eben Tepre

We are looking for funding (about $50,000,000)to construct Hostels,lecture halls and auditorium for the Ghana Christian University College in Ghana.please send me more information on your funding especially the interest rates.
Thank you
Eben Tepre
For the Architects and consultants

Contact me trough the Contact Us page of this website.

Project Financing in any form
by: Anonymous

Dear Sirs/Madam,
After wishing you the very best of luck & success in all your 2016 remaining work plans, we would like to establish strong relationship with your group to closely work together as fully committed strong professional team tied up to one another & enjoy all the mutual benefits of our outstanding projects.
1) We have vast areas of Gold, emerald, Diamond, tantalum, Titanium ore, different types of game stones & basic metal mining sites the investment of which can be collected back in 4 years maximum. We also have some quantity of games stones ready for export. We need investor partners & buyers for these items.
2) We have Real Estate development & many other lucrative projects including framings, solar power project & Drilling of oil & gas (exploration is complete).
3) We are always looking for a partner investors and new and cheaper technology for construction of low cost & affordable houses. There is a demand for over two million similar houses and we are working hard to construct & sell a minimum of 300,000 low cost residential houses which entail a profit margin of over US$16 billion.
4) We also have different community humanitarian projects looking for charity funds. We expect private business development grants, long term loan, partnership or net profit sharing investment partners and/or providers of long time insurance or bank guarantees to be given to lenders or to project financiers as collateral of the loan. We attached our simple project summaries for your kind review and selection of project of your own interest.
5) Requesting of long term international loan or partnership or net profit sharing.
6) Lending body: Any willing bank or private companies or financial holdings.
7) Amount $180 million to 8 billion long term loan.
8) Duration of the loan: 15 to 20 years including 2 years of grace period.
9) Collateral: Our project + Insurance guarantee (To be arranged from top world insurance companies)
10) Purpose of the loan: To implement the projects summarized and attached (highly lucrative projects)
11) Implementing company: Alfael PLC + local companies + any foreign partner companies.
12) Project Location: Ethiopia for now with future expansion to Somaliland, Kenya & UAE.
13) Nature of the project: Highly profitable with over 24% internal rates of returns.
14) Project owner: private Consortium with possible joint-venture or Annual Net Profit sharing.
15) If lenders want net profit sharing term, they can take up to 20% of the annual net profit.
16) Our local banks are Buna International bank, united bank, Wogagen bank,Dashen Bank S.C and commercial bank of Ethiopia which have good relation with top world correspondent banks such as: City bank (USA, UK), Comerz bank of Germany (Frankfurt), Banka Intensa: Italy, Ebisa Eco bank of Paris (France), Natitxis Poplaires banques of France, Standard Chartered bank of USA, City bank of USA, HSBC & all other European, UAE, Middle East & Asian popular banks having Insurers contacts as well.
17) The consultants & fund facilitators who may assist us in our project financing will have un believable consultancy & facilitations contracts both from Government, private & public enterprises including banks in future once they prove their competence in our case as stated in this paper.
NB We are principal project owners & we are happy to pay reasonable consultancy or facilitation fees for our facilitators, more reasonable fees for partnership facilitators and the best fees for startup & grants facilitators. Any fees or payments to be made by the borrower to the facilitating consultants will be subtracted from the loan proceed by the lenders & be transferred directly to the account of the concerned beneficiaries at the spot according to the NCND agreement to be signed between us.
All your kind co-operation & assistance in this regard is highly appreciated.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Very sincerely yours, CEO, ATAI PLC

Contact me trough the Contact Us page of this website.

by: Anonymous

We are a Construction start-up.We are in Africa and looking for funding or someone interested in a partnership.We want to purchase land for a residential housing project.

Buy existing restaurant in Aruba
by: Addam

I would like to buy an existing restaurant in Aruba. I love the island and people. I would like to make a difference in the economic development of the country by offering good food and service to the people and also offer them employment.

Looking for investors that want high R.O.I, without the risk of 100% capital protection,
by: Janusz

Dear Sirs
Looking for investors that want high R.O.I, without the risk of 100% capital protection, → for investment in real estate (Poland), Project "ECO" - 5 ÷ 50 million Euro {R.O.I > 40%} → Joint Venture, combination of DEBT & EQUITY, or loan, BRIDGE LOAN, BG + LOAN, Mezzanine Finance, other..... I accept the cost of financing ~ 12% per year, this is the actual result of the JV = 50%/50%, with a guaranteed R.O.I. = 40%, - Please e-mail address, I will send Business Plan - Best Regards,

I am interested in funding
by: Paulo Carneiro

Please contact me via the following:


International partnerships
by: Sukhodaya Gardens,Kerala, India

There can be situations where you may not have 0-20% liquidity in the initial stage. In our case we have assets and are looking for investors /lenders so that we can clear offs certain liabilities which are of much higher interests than those of international markets. Though assets are more than liability, assets are tied up as collateral.We do not have the liquidity.To pay the liabilities and to start doing the project we need US$ 3 million urgently.Once the fund is utilized there will be initial project owner/lender ratio of 55%:45 %, we undertake only activities with minimum return of more than 20% per annum. 30% of investment will be easily convertible liquidity of safe nature.We also plans to undertake activities which help others doing similar work.Our main thrust will be in profit maximization, ensuring sustainability, eco friendliness & climate resilience. We can provide equity collateral within 180 days of receipts of funds. We would like to have funds with as interests as low as possible.More details can be given on request.

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