DMCW INC Crowdfunding Campaign: Dredging for the environment and the people of the Philippines

by William Rowe
(Subic Bay Philippines)

We are a Philippines based company that specialize in flood mitigation and sand supply for the local and international markets.
All our work is based on flood mitigation, flood relief along with repatriation of lively hoods for the people.
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Short Summary
Every year during the monsoon season from June to November , the heavily silted rivers in the Philippines are prone to flooding. This flooding causes large scale damage within the local communities, bringing suffering to the local population and devastation to their livelihoods. One way to help alleviate this annual event is to implement large scale dredging (Flood Mitigation)

Projects that are aimed at removing excess material by dredging channels within the old river system and help guide the excess water out to sea.

The opportunity to dredge and de-silt is one of commercial viability as in Asia there is a large demand for this excess material to be used in land reclamation projects.

DMCW as a company we will be involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programs which we will implement within the communities we operate in.

Dredge Masters & Civil Works is a newly formed SEC registered Philippine based Company (SEC CS200719514) that has been set up with our JV Partners to undertake Privately Funded Dredging and Civil Works projects in the Philippines. We have the expertise and modern equipment that is needed to address flood mitigation projects and their many requirements.

DMCW requires funding assistance to reach our true potential.This includes finalizing engineering designs for new dredges, infrastructure design as well as completing the final major investment package.

With your help we can achieve our dreams of dredging & de-silting rivers, returning rivers as near as possible to their original condition. This will allow the return of natural fisheries and the set up of professional fish farms, more opportunities will be created for local people to supply the local market as well as creating the demand for export.

(Done by another party) The 3rd component is reforestation planting special trees and deep rooted grasses to minimize new siltation entering the river system and destroying all the good work already done.

What We Need & What You Get
Break down of what we need:

Design engineering & drawings for the new cutter suction dredges $150,000.
Project Site Engineering Design & Drawings $200,000
Lawyers and Bank fees for the full $50million loan $400,000
Office and Warehouse space Subic bay Free Port Zone, tax free status. $100,000
Other funds will be used to pay for bankable core samples and laboratory testings and results. Specialized Sieving equipment to be operated by company personnel to maintain a required standard for the product.
The Company will have hats, mugs, shirts available and for large amounts over $25,000 rewards can be negotiated.
The Impact
Once again i reiterate the importance of your funding. By contributing to this cause you are helping to prevent major yearly flooding that sadly kills many people and destroys many more lives and property. It will also create a vast array of opportunities to the people of the philippines as well as the world. The sand that is dredged will be sold off to major companies for reclamation projects locally and internationally.

Risks & Challenges
Like anything you do there are risks involved , however we are a strong experienced team and we have a strict contingency plan put in place should any challenges arise. The contingency plan will be enforced in the event of natural disasters , malfunctioning equipment or in the event of a safety emergency.
We also understand competition can come into the market place, how ever with our MOA with Local Government and the correct local people on our team we believe we can cover any challenge.

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