Djibouti Travel, Transportation and Logistics Center Funding Request

by Laurence D. Lucy-Evans
(Beachwood, Ohio, United States)

Proposed Transport and Logistics Center

Proposed Transport and Logistics Center

Proposed Transport and Logistics Center Exclusive Port Contracts MACK Truck Agreements Established MACK Truck Agreements Established

It is estimated that the Djiboutian commercial freight transportation market had aggregate revenues of trillions of Djibouti Franc’s this past year. In other words, the free flow of goods from the Djibouti Port to other countries in Africa, make it an ideal location for our innovative, state of the art, transportation business, consisting of a fleet of 500 trucks, a 25,000-sf center and an eight-bay maintenance facility. The overall total revenues spent each year is divided among two sectors: private carriage and for-hire service.

Initially, we seek a 25-year amortized, owner occupied; 10-year fixed; five-year interest only; 1st lien $20,000,000 (USD) commercial mortgage. This non-recourse debt loan is needed to facilitate identified land acquisition, site development, break ground, establish and house the purchase of 250 MACK Trucks. Subsequently, as Principals generate revenue, for future phase completion (and expansion), Principals require a $64,000,000 (USD) capital; i.e. 25-year amortized loan, 15-year interest only fixed commercial mortgage. Thus, total non-recourse debt position reflects $84,000,000 (USD).

At the earliest opportunity, intentions are to secure immediate funding. Invariably, for completion of this Djibouti Transportation and Logistics project, Principals require an initial capital infusion of $20,000,000 (USD). Plus, four subsequent capital infusion phases and distributions or an additional $64,000,000 (USD) need be secured or held in escrow. Consequently, upon completion and successful inspection of each part this four-phase development project, escrow funds are authorized for release and paid in equal distributions or $16,000,000 x 4 = $64,000,000 (USD). For the lender or financier, an appropriate exit strategy is repayment of debt (within ten years).

We have a complete loan package; to include appropriate permissions, land purchase agreements and other supporting narratives. More important, Principals have written support from the Djibouti government.


Laurence D. Lucy-Evans

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