Developmnet of treatment unit driking water in Kinshasa/DRC

by Hugues NSIALA

I'm looking for organizations or partners to collaborate in this open area, and please also take knowledge of my post below.
In fact, our country Rep. Dem. the Congo, our country is unable to use sparingly the management of drinking water, and the physical and chemical qualities required for human consumption are often not respected, and given also the fact of water pollution and especially around Kinshasa, I mounted since 2005 a unit of drinking water treatment in Congo-Kinshasa to safeguard the lives of hundreds of Congolese without this food, and dying each day.

We treat drinking water that we put in bags of 0.60 liters and in cans of 5 liters. Currently, we distribute the food in Kinshasa and in parts of the country.

Considering the customer and quality, we expect to export in all regions and in surrounding countries, but we must put it in pet bottles of 0.5 to 5 liters.

We are unable to manufacture these bottles at the pet Brassier, given the high cost and huge, we launched a few Research funding or support from investors, associates or financial partners involved in the acquisition or provision of equipment (machine manufacturing pet bottles, (blower), the next water treatment,
preforms pet, etc ...

Executive Summary

Projet name Developmnet of treatment unit driking water
Company name Ets HUGUES & FILS
Adress Street : 41, Kipako
District : Ngafani
Commune of : Selembao
Town of : Kinshasa
Country : Congo Democratic Republic
History and background In fact, our country the reference mark, Democratic
from Congo, our country does not manage to
exploit the management of parsimoniously,
driking water, thus physicochemical qualities
necessary for human consumption are not often
respected, and it is thus, I went up since 2005 a
treatment unit of driking water in Congo-Kinshasa
with 15 person.
Type of Business Agro-alimentary (driking water)
Products and Services We treat driking water which we put in the sachets
of 0.60 and cans of 5 liters.
Principal and Owners - Hugues Nsiala Fum zi Landu
Principal Contact person, Hugues Nsiala Fum zi Landu
Email :
Tel. 00243 999912892 - 818132622
Skype : hnsiala
Messenger :
Alliance Partner
Loan Amount Requested $ 2 M. (Two million de dollars)
Current Situation
Project's Statuts individual
Operational Facilities
Opportunity for growth Seen some of case in other areas and especially
towards the fine funds of the country, we count
export in all the areas, but it is necessary for us to
put it in the bottles fart, blower, etc…

Statement of Purpose The purpose of treatment unit of driking water
is to join together all qualities of driking waters.
The choice of better active ingredients, present in
the important capacity as distribution.
1. Equipement for the production of bottles
800.000 $
2. Logistic material 350.000 $
3. Group electrogen 50.000 $
4. Refection local (installation local) 300.000 $
5. Any other business(customs charges,etc) 500.000 $

Total investisment : 2.000.000 $
We have all the proformas manufacturers of
enumerated materials.
Humanitarian Humanitarian and Envirinmental impact
because to safeguard the life of hundreds congolese
deprived of driking water and which do not have
enough possibility to get water of table in bottles,
and to avoid the many cases of deaths due to
the lack, driking water.
LaonApplicant or borrower Name : Hugues Nsiala Fum' zi Landu
Project's Location In Kinshasa (Congo Democratic Republic)
Project's Description Modernisation treatment unit driking water
by acquiring the new equipment.
Summary of Use of Funds In acquisition or supply of the material (manufa-
turing machine tool of botled fart, blower,
the data processing sequence, the preforms fart.)
Collateral (projet, Ancillary) One villa with factory and two concessions
Risk factory I haven't a risk
Equity - Down payment
Guarantees One villa with factory and two concessions
Loan to value Ratio
Cash available
Market Analysis If there are good materials, many requests, but not adequate
Project vs.Competitiors The companies with good equipment holds out well
Clientele or Customers profile Many customers, we hold to it walk of Kinshasa and the area.
Strength and Weakness of pro Our force is that us ayobns quickly the financing, and to refund
it quickly.

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