Delight Solution Services
D-304, Aakash East Point
B/H Shiv Someshwar Complex
Althan Cenal Road, Bhimrad
Surat(Gujarat). 395007
Mo. 9712995186,9998730209
E-Mail :-

I Amit Shrivastav and I am a financial & real estate consultant I am working in Gujarat India since last 10 years as a individual. Right now I want to start a consulting firm with the name of “DELIGHT SOLUTION SERVICES” this company will provide consulting services to real estate investors and borrowers those need finance for there any kind of requirements. We will help him to choose right option that will be more suitable, cheapest and profitable and we will give Portfolio Management, Wealth Management Services to our clients.

Company will start his work in two sectors here is some short descriptions about the company role in the local market and working style.

1 Financial Consulting:- company will focus on the commercial products and take franchises, corporate agency code from Banks & NBFC and other kind of finance companies and provide their products services to our clients do marketing and searching customers those have requirements of commercial financing provide them best solution on their door step. Company will work as a corporate loan agency in the market and our targeted customers will be small businessmen, SME companies, and other companies in working area . There are two types of loans available in market secured loans and unsecured loans. These are some products for examples.
Mortgage loan, working capital loan, equipments loan, commercial vehicle loans, Project loans and others.

2 Real Estate Consulting:- company will focus in commercial products in this sector also. We will also work as a channel partner of the repudiated local market leaders and other corporate company in market as direct sales associate or do contract with local builders for selling whole project for an specific period, project marketing. Our targeted customers will be small businessman’s, SME companies, and other corporate companies needs commercial properties hire, purchase and lease as per there requirements and investors those want to invest money in real estate.

I have experience in both industries and I have decided that I will start this company with one small office in my city hire experienced employees and recruits agents, associates and channel partners to expand my business like CA, Doctors and others Professionals. I want to create a network of peoples those work in part-time and fulltime in these sectors.

Marketing Plan: - we will do advertising of company to create awareness about company profile and hire experienced professionals for start making relationship with clients and other agents and approach them to join us. We will advertise offline and online sources about company.
We will start small telecalling unit they will approach targeted customers to take our services by calling email, massage and others.
We will recruit agents, associates and give them training, knowledge of products and provide other facilities with attractive commission structure.

Financial Plan:- I need fund to start my business I am a employed person so I need loan for my project or any investor who wants to invest in my project so I also need suggestions how can I get fund for this project.
Startup Expenses and Capitalization: - According to my knowledge I need 500000/- Rs to start this business these are details of expenses given blow.
1 Branding
2 Legal Documentation
3 Equipments
4 Software’s &Website
5 Internets
6 Stationary
7 Licenses & Memberships
8 Market Research
9 Advisors Fee
10 Rental Deposits

Operational Plan:- according to my knowledge its operational cost will be minimum 85000/- Rs monthly these are the details of monthly expenses given blow.
1 Rent
2 Electricity Bill
3 Water Bill
4 Phone Bill
5 Petrol Bill
6 Internet Bill
7 Advertising Bills
8 Refreshment & Tea Bills
9 Stationary & Equipment Maintenance Bill
10 Salaries

i did consult with some business planing consultant regarding my business plan preparation i have estimate of business plan making but i need assurance that i can get funding for my project.

i am facing problem to get funding for my project star up because if i made
business plan but i could not get funding to start my business it will
be wast for me. i don't have financials to get fund from banks,don't
have security to as security to bank or any financier for loan.

i am a small consultant not so famous so i am not assured that
investors will invest in my project easily because in local market
there is so many problems to get fund for me so please help me if you
have any solution regarding this because i need complete estimate from
business planing to start up of project i mean that i i have to pay any
thing extra for funding procedure. so please help me arrange funds for my project.

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