Dedicated Diabetic Machine (DDM) - Therapeutic Solutions for High Blood Sugar

by Harish Kapoor
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA)

'Dedicated Diabetic Machine' (DDM)
Therapeutic Solution for High Blood Sugar

DDM resembles an exercise machine, and is designed for high blood sugar regulation, incorporating five advanced therapeutic features to activate body's own immunity by repairing impaired cells and facilitating nutrient absorption. It is a safe, portable, cost effective and non-invasive device for home use. It will reduce dependence on modern medicine, their side effects, complications, and can be a significant help to diabetics worldwide.

DDM can save insurance companies up to $125,000 from high risk patient, per year. DDM will facilitate home care by reducing doctor visit and hospital stay. It has integrated methodologies driven from nano-medicine. DDM has scalable modules for specific hormonal disorder e.g., stress, obesity, diabetes along with eVisit, telehealth and PHR.

We are looking for partners to license, marketing and distribution of this strategic opportunity. The company's convertible preferred shares will pay an annual interest rate of 3%. Should you need investor’s package, and or additional information, please email to:

Quantum Therapeutics (a div of Dr. I-Net)

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