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  • Marketing your Investment Proposal is the best solution to bring your information out, and in front of an investor's eyes (click on the link to learn more about marketing your own offer); turn the tables, create more visibility to investors, thus creating more chances to get noticed
  • Social media are the new way to market what you have to offer
  • By connecting to our RSS feed (what's this?), you can subscribe to everything that's new on our site... and so can investors to stay in touch with valuable deal flow
  • The synergy of all the leverage of present day internet 'catapults' your investment proposal out into the world

We intend to make participation in this deal flow listings 'pipeline' as easy and simple as possible.

Please read through all the steps here, to get an idea of what we offer. Then go to 'Action Steps' next, at the bottom of this page and make sure you don't forget anything.

First, go to our Deal Flow List page, click here. Use a descriptive title, copy and paste title and message on this page by using the form provided.  On the page you can be more descriptive.  Make sure to make your title and first sentence attractive, this will be the first part that anyone going through all the investment proposals will see. Then put the most important part about your deal in the first paragraph. Keep the attention going. The form that you create is a new webpage. You can use the URL of this page for your own marketing purposes, in your email messages, on your postings on Linkedin, etc. This way you won't have to re-create it over and over again.

Present this 'teaser' in a compelling way: the response you want is that an investor will ask for more information, either an executive summary, or a complete set of business documents: business plan, financials, etc.

This 'teaser' is a short version of your Executive Summary, which in itself, is a short version of your business plan. The purpose of this short form is to inform potential investors in a timely and effective way of what you have. If an investor is interested in your sector/industry, the size of your deal, the management and experience of your business, and the product or service that you have, they will respond by commenting back under your entry. Either Facebook, or the 'Business-Funding-Insider' website will notify you of any comments.

You will take advantage of our website rankings, and of the marketing of our site and Facebook page.

Next, click the link to our Facebook page, 'like' it, then post your investment proposal in the "Write Something..." box. Use only a short teaser, preferably one or two paragraphs. You can make it longer, but you better wait for responses before offering more information. Start with a brief title that gets the attention while describing in a few words what you are looking for. Copy and paste your investment proposal into our Facebook deal flow page.

Now you have two free listings.

Next, WE publish our 'deal flow' page on our Linkedin group Business-Funding-Insider, and into our Twitter account, and on our RSS feed. Then we market it to potential investors. (By posting on our Facebook and/or website page, you give us the permission to post the same content on our Linkedin and Twitter accounts for your marketing benefit, or to any potential investors.) We take care of this step, you don't have to do anything.

Next, when doing this, also copy and paste your message on your own Facebook page (you can do this straight from the little Facebook comment window at the bottom of this page) and Twitter account (if you don't have a Twitter account, get one, and 'Follow' ours). This is all part of the strategy of 'Marketing your Investment Proposal'.

Next, subscribe to our RSS feed. If you don't know what that means, go to our blog page and click on the (?) next to 'Subscribe to this Site'. You will find how to get another great time saving tool to stay informed online.

Why Facebook? What does Facebook have to do with business?

Facebook's formats are easy to use and offer easy sharing. Facebook has an incredible number of people subscribed. It's a good platform to get started to make your information go 'viral'.

What does that mean? It means that it has the potential and leverage to get your information in front of an amazing number of people. Once your deal is listed on our page, it is ready to be seen. You also shared your project with your own circle of friends (you can target or customize your post in the privacy settings). One of them may make a comment or share it, and before you know it, thousands of people will have seen your post. Every comment you get either on your page, or on ours, will put your information in front of more and more circles of friends or fans.

Most likely, you are looking for private 'angel' investors. VC companies are more scarce and more demanding. They are looking for the 'big hits' with enormous profits. Angel investors are private investors, they are organized in local groups, and can be approached much more easily. According to statistics 124,900 angel investors funded 26,300 entrepreneurs in the last six months. Sign up with our partner Growthink's opt-in information emails to receive information like this,  click here.

Learn how to find angel investors and communicate the right way!

Go to 'Action Steps' next.

Don't wait, get going now. Line up your documents, start marketing your deal!

ACTION STEPS to help you market your 'investment proposal'

  1. Go to our Deal Flow Listing page by clicking here,(new window opens) and first post the Title, then the rest of your deal description in the larger box below the title. Pay special attention to the title, it has to be brief, but needs to describe what you offer. The title will be clicked on for more information. Title and first sentence (150 characters) will be visible first, before the click.
  2. Go to Business Funding Insider Facebook page. Click here. Copy and Paste your Title and text into the "Write something" box.
  3. Next, post the same information to your own Facebook page and/or Twitter account. You can copy and paste the url of your post on our website. Click on the title after posting, then copy the url and post this on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Subscribe to our RSS/blog page: subscribe to our RSS feed here. You can monitor how we market our Deal Flow page and get updates with useful information on how to make better presentations, or tools and information on how to get funded.
  5. Read our page 'Your Investment Proposal Marketing Campaign' for more action and tools. 
  6. Sign up with our partner Growthink's opt-in information emails to receive information like this,  click here. Learn how to find angel investors and communicate the right way!

PS: Don't worry, our website is fairly new, our Facebook page is brand new and so is our @BusinessFundInsider Twitter account. The 'Likes' and 'Followers' are still low. Get started and get noticed first.

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