Crowfunding Campaign: Superhero Needs Help To Continue Helping Others!

Captain Caregiver

Captain Caregiver

Hello and welcome to my IndieGogo crowd-funding campaign! I am Captain Caregiver, a "Real-Life Superhero" in Toronto. I patrol the city giving out food & clothing supplies to homeless people. But now I sincerely need your help.
I haven't been able to patrol recently due to a degenerative spinal condition I have called Ankylosing Spondylitis . Walking is difficult and at times very painful. I cannot do my charitable patrols helping out people in desperate need with free food & clothing. But with your donations I will be able to move around the city again.

Help me purchase a "semi-mobility" electric scooter with excellent carrying capacity so I can continue to help homeless people and others who need help.
By "semi-mobility" I mean an electric scooter that can perform at two speeds: five kph for sidewalk travel and twenty+ kph for streets, bike paths, and other roadways full of bystanders staring at me as I pass them with my super-boots and fluttering cape. After lots of research, I found that a Nolet semi-mobility scooter is perfect for my food & clothing patrols, a "CareMobile", if you will. It has the best carrying capacity I've seen in any scooter, perfect for charitable supplies.

Why don't I get a regular mobility scooter?
Well-known mobility scooters ("Rascals", etc) have essentially no carrying capacity and half the range of the Nolet scooter. They also have only one speed, very slow, and at times I need to get around the city at regular bike speeds to serve more people. And to catch slow moving super-villains (joke).

Why don't I get a regular electric scooter?
I cannot use a two-wheeled scooter because of my weak legs due to my spinal condition. I'd fall over and some truck would come along and SMUSH me. Then someone would have to explain to my mother why I was wearing bright red, yellow, and blue spandex when the 18-wheeler said "Howdy!" to my head.

Real-Life Superhero? Are You Serious?
It may seem odd for a grown man like myself to dress up in a colorful outfit and patrol the city helping homeless people. I assure you, I am perfectly sane (if I had a nickel for every time I've made that statement I wouldn't need to create this fundraiser). I guess, like many others and maybe even you, I've always had a "superhero complex" and the need in my heart to help people. So I've combined the two: I wear bright colors to draw attention to the plight of hungry people without homes. And I burn inside to continue to do so! By donating to my fundraiser you will be helping me AND countless people in the future if I can continue my battle against poverty and homelessness.

Why $3500? What Do I Need Besides The Nolet Semi-Mobility Scooter?
Any and all donations after the purchase of the Nolet scooter will go towards the purchase of food, clothing, and other items I give to people living on the streets of Toronto. For 100% transparency I will post pictures of all receipts for items purchased with crowdfunding donations. I will also post photos of me standing beside bemused CostCo employees when I buy charitable supplies.
Is This The First "Real-Life Superhero" Crowdfunder?
No, it isn't, but while this crowdfundraiser is more unusual than typical IndieGoGo charity campaigns, I assure you every donated dollar will go towards my efforts to patrol the city again to help many others.

I sincerely ask you to share the link to my IndieGoGo charity campaign with your friends and family through social media. A Big Super Thank You to everyone for taking the time to read this introduction, and to all those who continue to believe that just one person can make a big change for the better in this world.

This is the link to my Indiegogo campaign:

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