Crowdsourcing Ceed webportal looking for Investor

by Marija Mihailovic

We are a Crowdsourcing Ceed webportal dedicated to visual design (graphical design, web design) and architecture. We want to offer our clients services of our registered designers, freelance and contest based.

Similar services emerged during the last four years, triggered by economical crisis and the availability of internet. People started to search for cheaper services and more value, and we want to provide exactly that: more value for your money - more designers and more designs at one place.
Our goal is to raise the bar and to offer our clients a larger variety of services, better and easier cooperation channels than our competitors.

We are looking for an investor who wants to support our business ideas as a partner, in exchange to the ownership/profit share. Our team of experienced software, web and graphical designers and architects has already developed a sound and realistic business plan and we are looking forward to start the realization of this profitable project.

1. Our Team

Marija Mihailovic, M.Sc.Arch.

Architect with extensive international experience in designing and project management roles in areas of architectural design. She was taking part in designing and design project management (from design sketches over the construction project, to finished buildings) in numerous architectural/civil engineering design projects in Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, UAE (Dubai), China and USA.
She has managed large teams of architects, architectural technicians, civil engineers and workers on sites.

Ivan Mihailovic, M.Sc.EE. (

Telecommunications Engineer, Project Manager, who had a lead role in start-ups of several mobile operators in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Mexico, where he was in charge of network operations, international relations, regulatory issues and licenses. Currently he leads Procurement activities for Deutsche Telekom and Orange (former France Telecom) related to internet and mobile data optimization services and equipment..

Mint Services, Technology Partner ( )

Mint Services is a company created in 2009 with the goal of delivering the best Internet hosting service and development of advanced Web services. Focused on planning, development and integration of professional services based on an online infrastructure guided by a team of experienced young professionals to offer services adjusted to its customers’ needs.
Mint Services has partnered with DesignGooRoo project providing all the necessary technical support and demanding infrastructure with the aim of creating the best possible platform for developing various design projects.

2. Executive summary

Nowadays, businesses and individuals are required to considerably decrease their budgets, in order to make savings. Outsourcing some of their operations is the partial answer. By introducing crowdsourcing, recruiting professionals for certain jobs or projects has become easier especially through Web sites, which act as agents between those who demand various services and those who offer such services.

By capturing the process of outsourcing tasks and projects to a distributed group of professionals DesignGooRoo originated as a crowdsourcing business by acting as a broker between a number of clients needing a design and a number of registered designers. For the start, it is planned to support various types of graphical design, web design, architectural design and 3-D modeling.

3. Description of Services

Design is not something companies need on a daily basis and outsourcing these activities is the best thing to do in order to cut the costs. Engaging freelancers can be great, but there is always a lack of trust between the client and the designer with the intention of protecting themselves by stricter business agreements. By offering a secure and easy to use platform for both clients and designers, we are trying to overcome these issues and enable the development of good business processes. Through analyzing main competitors we saw an opportunity to grow and a way to offer more value to our customers.

We intend to automate as many processes as possible and at the same time we will deliberately leave some “manual” steps. We understand that the only good quality control in design projects is a human control: control of the budget, submitted project requirements and materials, submitted works, a correspondence between the client and the designer and the majority of payment related processes.

Every project contest opened by the client is approved by the site personnel by means of the content and the budget and is published only upon the reception of the total budget for the project, consisting of a full approved rewards budget and the site’s margin. Payments to the designers are done only when approved by the client upon the reception of the works.

All correspondence during the project between the client and the designer(s) is done over the portal’s communication channels. A delivery of project works (files) is done over the portal’s pages as well.

Our site will be tracking designers’ works, providing them with portfolio space and format and update their portfolios. Some of them make the designers’ rankings per area, making it easier for the client to compare the works and thus, handling their expectations.

4. Project Justification

Our goal is to start with more areas of design and more services then our competitors have and to increase the number of supported areas of design in the near future. We intend to introduce a new area of design for our clients such as architecture, interior design, 3D modeling, 3D animation and landscaping.

The deficiency of standard bidding sites is that they are not able to intervene much due to their logic and business philosophy. By changing the model, the tense situation on the market in relations between clients and designer will be eliminated and the key idea is that web site controls the processes in all phases of the project, protecting the clients and the designers at the same time, integrity of their profession and quality of works.We have learnt from mistakes and disadvantages of our competitors and studied their ways of work. Based on our conclusions we made our own modifications of the business model and processes.

Service supports different business models for different areas of design in the manner the designers and the client are already accustomed to, yet flexible, in a way that clients may customize them to certain extent. We will support both contests model and bidding model and a client will choose which model will be applicable. The client will be able to check the portfolio of any designer, before inviting him/her for the work on the project, thus reducing the risk of receiving unsatisfactory works.Our web page will be customized for access from all popular devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones and will be in several languages.

According to our business plan, an average of 20% income per contest will cover the expenses and lead us to a break even point in 3 years. We can expect return of investment (ROI) in the fifth year, reaching a moment when a service becomes profitable, making total income a positive value, which validates our investment.

5. Marketing Strategy

Main focus of marketing strategy for DesignGooroo is creating brand and product awareness among clients and designers. It is imperative to include all major channels of marketing and diversify mediums of communication.

Being new and potentially growing business, it is crucial to identify ourselves as a worthy brand, as well as a service which provides quality material and gathers all the best designers. By offering more than our competitors, we are open to new market opportunities.

The main focus should be on promoting our strengths such as designers and their work, various areas of design in which our competitors do not offer. We can diversify through architecture and 3-D modeling, website design and html contests.

6. Company Location

Since we are a Start-Up Crowdsourcing website, we do not have the exact location where the company will be located, and we are open to all suggestions and solutions.

Our explanation video can be viewed:

For more information regarding our project, you can contact us by e-mail:

Kind Regards
Marija Mihailovic M.Sc.Arch.

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