Crowdfunding: Land Fund for Siddha Healing & Retreat Center

by Darshan

Be instrumental in the actualization of a center to brighten and inspire many for years to come!

We have found the perfect land to establish our first Center for Training in Mystical Traditions, Healing, and Retreat.

Contribute to our project, and as such contribute to increasing the empowerment of wisdom and awareness in the world towards a golden age of peace and prosperity...!

Any Contribution Works! We are working out a deal with the seller of this land to be able to get the land under contract, and make payments towards the purchase over the next 2 years. So even if we can't raise $54,000 right away, We can get started with even just a couple thousand, and continue to raise the funds through activities on the land. Once we get the land under contract and in our possession for the payment term, we can begin yajna and tapas on the land to generate the energy on the land which will of itself attract all means to fulfill this project...!

Outline of Temple - Shrines and Center Activities...
Shrines for Form - Murti of Chandi-Durgaa as form of all Gods and Goddesses in One symbol and form embodying activated Shakti - Energy of the Sum Total of Everything. Other smaller murtis may follow and be included in the part of the temple/shrine for Form -such as Ganapati, Maha Avatar Babaji, Dattatreya, Shiva Linga, Muruga, Shirdi Sai Baba and others.

Also to include in our temple project is a shrine room for Formless Essence of Divinity represented by a Light - symbolizing the Light of Consciousness as Formless Essence and Medium by which all perception and form is known-witnessed.

A shrine will also be included which may be incorporated with the room containing the Light, where the symbol of Altar will be a Mirror. The mirror is a traditional central focus of ancient Shinto Tradition from Japan which is a preserved branch of the Ancient Siddha Tradition with many of the same teachings. The mirror in our temple is to symbolize the Param-Atman, the Self the medium in which all experiences - and all phenomena arise just as reflections are seen in a mirror. This mirror then is also to remind and facilitate the recentering of Awareness within do inner experience of Divinity, for you are offering respects and focus to a mirror reflecting a self "image" back to you.

We plan to have many places for guests to stay, such as small retreat "cutirs" or huts similar to what one might find in India. Events will conducted and facilitated not only by Darshan and Prema but also by other traveling Teachers, Swamis, Babas or Matajis, Saints, or Locals with valuable offerings. We know some wonderful potential guides for these events we can arrange to come when we have the center started.

There will be a combination of free/donation based events and paid events depending on the nature of the event and the normal procedures of the Guest Facilitators of the various events.

Other Goals Include:

-To have regular ongoing anna dhaanam (offering free meals to serve and facilitate Dharma/Service to harmony of the whole).
-Regular puja or ceremonies placing focus on and generating Energy - Frequency - Vibrations - and Resonance of Higher Consciousness - Super-Intelligence.
-Provide ongoing space for retreat and immersion in regular practice in ideal environment.
-Provide space for retreat for recovery, healing, and re-empowerment with training in techniques for self care, healing, and mastery. Also with series of Siddha Energy Medicine Sessions...

Infinite Oceans of Blessings! Thanks for all Contributions!

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