Crowdfunding Campaign: "We Do Stuff."

by Shay Kennelly
(Apple Valley, MN, USA)

my original logo sketch :-)

my original logo sketch :-)

my original logo sketch :-) original samples of single-ingredient dog treats, chicken breast and beef liver sample container of 2-ingredients (chicken breast and beef liver) dog food seasoning

As the owner and founder of a private in-home dog daycare, and partner to my own dogs, a couple of issues had me vexed!

1) What to do with that poop bag?! I am a responsible dog owner, but I did not like carrying that stinky, squishy poop bag in my hand - even more so when working with multiple dogs. I did not have enough hands - or pockets. And the dogs did not appreciate the extra weight of a poop bag dragging down the leash line.

2)Finding healthy, minimal-ingredient treats. Enough with all the additives, fillers, and recalls!

I tried many, many products to solve my dilemmas, to no satisfaction. Inspiration led to innovation. I brought out my old work belt, and viola! I now had a user-friendly accessory that allowed me to carry clean poop bags, dirty poop bags, treats, water bottle, extra leashes, toys, my cellphone, keys, camera, drool towel, show/event catalogs (we do stuff) - leaving me hands-free for the important stuff!

I also began making my own single-ingredient, sourced-in-America dehydrated dog treats: chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, organ meats. These are human-grade meats, and so good that, frankly, we (humans) would even munch on them when we needed a crunch of protein during a long day of competition/work. The dogs LOVE them - and the cats do, too :-)

I am raising capital for initial inventory of my product line, "We Do Stuff." Supporting people who do stuff with their dogs.

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Shay Kennelly,

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